Local DJ Injured After Being Dragged By Pickup in OTR

A Cincinnati DJ is in the hospital is still in critical condition after being dragged by a car Saturday morning.

Andres Bautista was on his way to his girlfriends car in OTR after leaving a bar early Saturday morning. The car was side-swiped by a red four-door pickup truck; when Bautista attempted to confront the driver, he lost his balance and grabbed onto the truck's side mirror.

The driver then sped off, and Andres was dragged by the truck for several blocks. Bautista's lungs were crushed, his liver was heavily damaged, and he suffered several broken ribs. He has undergone at least eight hours of surgery thus far, and remains in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center's intensive care unit. Police have an ID on the driver, but no arrests have yet been made.

Bautista is known in Cincinnati for his label, It's OK Records, and his DJing. He has been