You can listen to INHAILER Radio almost anywhere!

Our stream is 24/7, however you can hear DJ's on air 7am-9pm every day as well as specialty programs evenings and weekends.

If you are connected to the internet, you can listen to INHAILER Radio!


If you are on a PC, go to the INHAILER website at  The radio player is in the top right corner.  Click on the Play arrow to listen!

If you are using an Apple Device, go to the App Store, download and install the FREE INHAILER iPhone App.


Search “INHAILER” or “INHAILER radio” or “INHAILER Cincinnati”


If you are using an Android device, go to Google Play or the Android Marketplace download and install the FREE INHAILER Android App.


You can set your laptop, tablet or smartphone to transmit INHAILER to any Bluetooth device from speakers to wireless headphones.


If you listen to Internet radio in a home, in store, or an at work device on Roku: go to TuneIn, search for “INHAILER” or “INHAILER Cincinnati” and save us as a preset/favorite.


If your Roku does not include a TuneIn, go to the Roku Channel Store and add the FREE TuneIn app to your device. The app can be found under the Music category. Open TuneIn on your device and go to 'Settings'. A registration code will be provided. Once you've received your registration code, log into your TuneIn account at on a computer. Open the user menu on the top right corner of the screen and select 'My Info'. Choose the 'Devices' tab. Enter the registration code and 'Add'.



If you listen to Internet radio in a home or at work device on Sonos select Tune In. For information on how to add oWOW to your Favorites, please check the FAQ articles on their web site for Android and iOS Sonos Controller Apps.


TuneIn is also available on Samsung Smart TVs. If the TuneIn app is not pre-installed on your Smart TV follow the below procedure: Go to the Smart Hub menu of your Smart TV. Enter Samsung Apps. Type “TuneIn” in the search box. Select it from the list, click on Download and follow the instructions.

There are also many Internet-enabled radios, including brands like Tivoli and Grace that will allow you to listen to oWOW directly.


Best of all. It's locally owned, locally operated, locally programmed, and live (incl. live airstaff 7 AM-9PM). No corporate playlists. No syndicated programming.



Simply copy / paste the stream in quotations into your preferred device ""






There are several methods to stream INHAILER from mobile devices to your vehicle’s radio.


The most common is to stream INHAILER from a smartphone or other mobile device by using Bluetooth

technology.   Your smartphone serves as a mini-transmitter by streaming to a Bluetooth receiver either integral or installed into your vehicle's radio or dash.


INHAILER streaming will not challenge your data plan. Streaming INHAILER burns less data and battery power. Unlike Pandora, Spotify and radio station portals iHeart Radio (Clear Channel), and (CBS Radio), INHAILER does NOT retrieve personal data from your smartphone while you’re streaming.  Streaming from Pandora, Spotify, and radio station chain-owned portals is the chief cause of excessive data and battery power burn.


Most automotive and big box stores carry in-vehicle radios and entertainment systems with built-in Bluetooth technology.



If you have an older vehicle with a limited AM-FM radio, you may have an AUX input, which allows you to run an auxiliary cable with the appropriate size plug OUT of the earphone jack of your phone directly into the AUX IN.



If your vehicle has only a standard FM radio, universal wireless FM transmitters are available for $5 to $15 in most retail outlets and discount stores.  Plug the device into your vehicle's power source. The device receives the INHAILER stream from your smartphone and transmits it to an vacant frequency on your FM car radio.



If you have a vehicle that was manufactured when cassette or CD players were installed, for between $5 and $10 in retail outlets and discount stores you can purchase a transmitter that can be plugged into your smartphone and inserted in your cassette or CD player.  When engaged, it routinely transmits from your smartphone. 




If you want to listen to INHAILER at home, in store, or at work on your Amazon Echo say to your Echo, “Alexa, play INHAILER on TuneIn.”


 If you encounter a problem receiving INHAILER, sign up for a free TuneIn account. With an account registered, you move INHAILER to the top of the Echo’s search results.  You can register an account from within the free TuneIn mobile app (which also makes your stations quickly accessible from your mobile devices – links in this post are to the Android app in Amazon’s App Store, but the app is available in the iTunes App Store as well) or on the TuneIn site.


If you want to listen to INHAILER at home, in store, or an at work on your Google Home, you can use voice activation to listen to INHAILER through your Google Home device or TV or speaker with Chromecast built in. 


For voice activation, say “OK Google, play INHAILER Cincinnati.”

If your request for INHAILER Cincinnati is not properly answered, try adding "on TuneIn" to the query . Example: "Play INHAILER Cincinnati on TuneIn". 


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