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THE A LIST (2.2.24)

Yard Act bookends our Top 10 this week with two different tracks, and we have some newly entering acts taking the spot as well. MGMT's highly anticipated upcoming album release on 2.24 brings us another stellar single, "Nothing to Declare," and staple acts like The Black Keys and Waxahatchee grace us with their presence!

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 10. "Petroleum" - Yard Act

Yard Act starts and finishes this week's Top 10. Wait for it around 3:44 for an unexpected "Downward Spiral" Nine Inch Nails-like breakdown. Here for it

 #9   "Just Another Rainbow" - Liam Gallagher & John Squire

From the legends themselves - rock 'n' roll in it's pure form.

  #8 "Baby (Justin Bieber Cover)" - Geese

We appreciate the spoken word bridge. Geese recreates a completely different take of the track with twangy guitar solos and stadium appropriate arrangements to make it even more heartbreaking.

 #7  "Say It Like You Mean it" - Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney's track from their album "Little Hope" gets points alone for the fact that J. Smith Cameron stars in the music video (because who hasn't daydreamed of breaking down in a bar at least once?).

Buttery and distorted vocals deliver the most beautiful lament of heartbreak in true rock fashion. J. Smith-Cameron JJ. Smith-Cameron. Smith-Camero

#6  "Beautiful People (Stay High)" - The Black Keys

Longevous souls The Black Keys are BACK and badass as ever. Snappy and clappy, these guys are always able to deliver a true catchy anthem. We like the killer horn arrangement and group vocals. This song is a banger! We will be "nah nah"-ing till the cows come home after hearing this.

 #5  "Right Back to It" (feat. MJ Lenderman) - Waxahatchee

Magical wanderess queen Waxahatchee collabs with MJ Lenderman on this swamp folk ballad that tugs on our heartstrings.

 #4  "Nothing to Declare " - MGMT

Since MGMT was the soundtrack to our Millennial high school experience, the fact that their new album comes out on 2.24 makes us feel unbearably wrought with emotions of nostalgia and joy.

This beautiful ditty holds a true Beatles-esque structure. MGMT is a vessel to the feeeeeeels.

 #3  "Everybody Dies" – Superchunk

Reappearing on the chart this week are 90's veterans Superchunk. "Everybody Dies" began their west coast tour yesterday. Frontman Mac McCaughan explains in a recent Rolling Stone interview how the song is an abode to all rock legends lost, and that mortality is a part of the deal - but it still hurts every time when we lose a rock god. However, it is their music that lives on for the rest of time, inspiring tracks just like this one.

 #2  "Ride" - Peace Sign

"Peace Sign," climbs up from last week's #10 spot to #2 this week. It's a culmination of reverberating, buzzy guitar melodies and layered vocals that make for great driving music. RIDE formed in Oxford, UK in 1988. It is the first single off the 90's shoegaze pioneers' upcoming album "Interplay," out March 29th on Wichita/PIAS.

#1 "We Make Hits" - Yard Act

Sitting at #1 is Yard Act's newest single, "We Make Hits." It stays true to their sound whilst producing a catchy dance hit that is sure to be stuck in your head after first listen. Yard Acts has consistently been making moves on our Top 10. Their satirical delivery is refreshing and the bass slap heavy production is sure to make you bop.

Same time next week? Thanks for joining us for this A List!

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