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THE A LIST (09.29.23)

TGIF - and since it's Friday, you know that's time for the A List! We're counting down our top 10 songs from last week. Curated for you, served for you, and ready for you to rock.

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#10 "Soak Up The Sun" (Sheryl Crow Cover) - Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy is kicking off our A List with a Sheryl Crow cover. The Nashville musician put her own indie-rock sound on the classic song and it is literally music to our ears. She has a full EP, Karoake Songs which features her take on songs by R.E.M., Pavement, Taylor Swift, and more.

#9 "Speaking In Tongues" - In The Pines

Back for a second week in a row is In The Pines. But are we surprised? This is the first single from their upcoming album, Painting By Numbers. The band's team said the record is" quintessentially a summer-into-fall album punctuated by soaring hooks, translucent guitars and a locked-in rhythm section.”

Make to sure to hit up their album release party on November 18th at Woodward Theater!

#8 "Your Spit" - IAN SWEET

Need a new indie pop artist to fall in love with? Well look no further. IAN SWEET is the solo project of Jilian Medford, a Los Angeles based artist that is putting out her third record, Show Me How You Disappear, on November 3rd. We love this playful makeout song, and we hope you do to!

But if you kiss me like you mean it

Kiss me like you're leavin'

Your spit tastes different

#7 "Ready For You" - Cherry Glazerr

We are at number seven. So, of course, we're in heaven with Cherry Glazerr. Today they just released their newest album, I Don't Want You Anymore, and this is the first single from that record. Lead singer, Creevy, describes the album "as some of her most personal, raw music to date, a collection of songs that elaborate on this period of self-reckoning. It’s the first she’s produced since Cherry Glazerr’s garage rock debut, 'Haxel Princess.'"

#6 "Headlines On" (Feat. Hatchie) - Wilding Nothing

This track is funky, it's groovy, and the music video literally features Wilding Nothing's leader singer, Tatum, dancing in a car. So we at Inhailer think you should dance to this one too. According to Tatum, "it’s a song about your relationship reaching its most brittle moment and still trying to find even the smallest open window that can lead you back to that person."

#5 "That's All I Wanted From You" - Jalen Ngonda

#5 is hitting you with some rock & soul music today. The twenty-eight year-old musician, Jalen Ngonda, is from Maryland, but moved to Liverpool to study at the Institute For Performing Arts. And. His. Voice. Is. Killer!!! This single is raw, emotional, and has a catchy chorus.

#4 "Underwater Boi" - Turnstile, BADBADNOTGOOD

Back for the second week in a row is the iconic duo between Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD. We've been loving the spin BADBADNOTGOOD put on this one. But did you Julien Baker is featured on this one? You can hear her voice on the second verse.

#3 "Born 2 Run" – Angel Du$t

Angel Du$t is diversifying their sound with this punk-pop percussive single. Lead singer Justice Tripp (of Trapped Under Ice) has had to bring on some new band mates since most of them are touring with Turnstile. Their newest record, Brand New Soul, has allowed them to experiment with their sound.

They're playing in Columbus on December 5th so make sure to check it out!

#2 "INEEDIT" - Season Ten

Welcome to #2! This song has been spinning on repeat here at Inhailer and that's why it's on our A List for the second week in a row. Season Ten is from the 513 and this newest single is so. good.

Season Ten is throwing a release party for their newest album Brainstorm on October 6th at Woodward Theater - you won't want to miss it!

#1 "Born For Loving You" - Big Thief

Big Thief dropped this song on a random Wednesday and I don't think we've been the same since. Following their Tik Tok famous song, "Vampire Empire," "Born For Loving You" is soft, bittersweet tune, and a inside look into the mastermind songwriting of Adrienne Lenker. She details steadfast love in her life, from the first steps to the last breath. Big Thief is in their prime and we're here to witness it.

See you next week as we unpack another A List!

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