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THE A LIST (08.04.23)

Howdy! It's August, it's Friday, and therefore, it's time for this weeks A List.

Stay in the loop with the latest and greatest songs carefully curated by your fellow music aficionados and delivered to you directly by our very own music director, Nils Illokken. Join Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Wagging Tongue" (Wet Leg Remix) - Depeche Mode

Who would've guessed a Wet Leg and Depeche Mode collaboration?! I know we didn't, but we are so here for it. This remix is groovy, it's funky, and we love the spin that Wet Leg put on the original song. What a way to start off our top 10!

#9 "Rigor Mortis Radio" - The Hives

Back on our A List for the third week in our row we have The Hives!! Is there any surprise though? "Rigor Mortis Radio" has an old-timey rock sound that a tune that won't get out of your head.

I got your e-mails saying that you wanna meet

I got your e-mails yeah, delete, delete

#8 "Tell Me When You're Ready" - Big Bliss

Volume = all the way up. Punk band Big Bliss dropped a hit for us and we are all ears. They describe it as "a powerful anthem, encapsulating the human experience of grappling with fear, searching for fulfillment, and ultimately finding the resilience to confront our inner demons. It is that lighthouse in the harbor for me."

#7 "Fine Day Anthem" - Skirllex & Boys Noize

Why was six afraid of seven? Because it was yet another fire collaboration between Skrillex & Boys Noize? I'm not sure if that's the rhyme, but we are loving this song and the fact that these two are making music again!

#6 "Shinbone" - Hiss Golden Messenger

Need an optimistic groove about diving headfirst into the unknown? I think this is the tune for you! Lead singer M.C. Taylor says "this song contains what [he] think[s] may be one of the mission statements of Jump for Joy, namely: If you take the big gamble and lose it all, can you survive with whatever's left?"

Their Album, Jump For Joy, comes out on August 26th, so make sure to listen!

#5 "Doubt" - Slow Pulp

Hey friends, we're halfway there! Time really does fly doesn't it? This ones a new single from indie rock band Slow Pulp. The drum tone sounds amazing, the guitar chords are giving 90's grunge, and Emily Massey's vocals are always so good.

Make sure to give their new record, Yard, a listen on September 29th.

#4 "Adored" - Royel Otis

Royel Otis never misses do they? This pop-punk single was produced by Grammy award-winning producer Dan Carey (Wet Leg). "Adored" is about indulging in one's desires.

Gonna treat myself, can somebody turn off the light?

'Cause the vid is on trial and I want to stick it out all night

And I'll beat on cue 'cause they music they are playing I like

And my visions turns blue with the terrible things that I want

#3 "I'm The Man" (Joe Jackson Cover) – Silversun Pickups

Covering such a classic song from Joe Jackson is no feat, but of course the Silversun Pickups nailed it. This hit is featured in a new Netflix show, The Lincoln Lawyer. We are so hyped to see this song play out on the big screen!

#2 "Milk" - Black Grape

Black Grape is back with their first single in six years and a new album Orange Head on the way! Orange Head is a combination of a lot of musical genres, including "rock, hip-hop, acid house, psychedelic pop and reggae." This track is extraaaaa funky for y'all.

#1 "The Trench Coat Museum" - Yard Act

And, yet again, here we are my friends. Sadly I have to let you go after this but first, we must celebrate with a little Yard Act! This music video is a must-watch. It's fun, it's quirky, and I think it really shows their personality. The beat is taking us back to the late 80's and the bass line SLAPS.

See you next week, friends! Don't miss us on the A List!

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