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THE A LIST (05.05.23)

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Are you ready for some fresh beats? Inhailer Radio's Music Director, Nils Illoken, brings you the latest hits from our A List, the top 10 most-played tracks from last week.

Whether you missed last week's show or just want to keep the party going, tune in for the A List on our LIVE broadcast every Friday from 11a - 3p EST.

Dive IN here at, or conveniently from our new iPhone and Android apps, anytime!

#10 “Take It Back” – Leggy

What better way to start our top 10 than with our favorite local pop punk band? We've been obsessed with Veronica Mystique's stunning vocals off of their latest album Dramatica. The album is "patchwork doll punk with a big mouth full of bubblegum" and we are so here for it.

#9 “Back to This” – Alaska Reid

Craving some new bedroom pop? We've got you covered with Alaska Reid's latest single. The Fader Magazine describes it as "a song that caught somewhere between the safe embrace of nostalgia and the blurry excitement the future promises." We are so excited for the rest of Reid's new album, Disenchanter, streaming July 14th.

#8 “Afterlife” – Temples

All the way from the UK we have Temples with another psychedelic rock anthem. We are absolutely loving their sound - a cross between the Flaming Lips and Tame Impala - what's not to like?? This track is straight off their new record Exotico and you should totally check it out.

#7 “Barley” – Water From Your Eyes

Water From Your Eyes is coming at us with another experimental pop hit! This song itches the brain with its dizzying synth, sirens, and hypnotic vocals. "Barley" is pushing the envelope on what it means to create pop music. Currently, they are touring with Snail Mail, so if you can catch them on the road, try not to brag too much?

#6 “Gloss” – Laundromat

Wowza! Laundromat latest single "Gloss" is groovy, funky, and downright danceable. Laundromat says lyrically "Gloss" "is mostly about denial, more screen time than is healthy...and the warped perspective that comes with that." They've got some new tunes headed our way, and we are on the edge of our seats!

#5 “Big Songbirds Don't Cry” – Superviolet

Here at #5 we have Superviolet, an A List favorite for three weeks in a row! This folk tune simultaneously makes you want to sink into your feels and go on a solo road trip. Make sure to check out the rest of their album, Infinite Spring.

#4 “Digital Silence” – Peter McPoland

America's new indie heart-throb Peter McPoland is coming at us with an angsty bop just in time for the summer! Describing "Digital Silence" to fans on Instagram, Peter wrote, "I really wanted to experiment and make angrier songs because I am angry" and that he "fell in love with production again."

Make sure to catch his new song "Blue Monday" out today!

#3 “American Blood” – Passion Pit

Welcome back to 2012?? Passion Pit released a bonus single from their past album Glossamer, which is now available on vinyl once more. This song will give you a hit of nostalgia with its electrifying synthesizers, a dreamy lead guitar, and Michael Angelakos' sweet vocals. Is this a sign of a resurgence from Passion Pit? We can only hope!

#2 “Life in The Void” – The Reds, Pinks and Purples

For two weeks straight now, The Reds, Pinks and Purples have been killin' it on our A List! Straight off their new albumThe Town That Cursed Your Name, this song is full of distorted vocals and seemingly far-off guitars. We've had this one on repeat.

#1 “Be Careful” – bdrmm

We are stoked to call "Be Careful" our #1 track of the week! bdrmm has an ethereal shoegaze hit on their hands, with smooth reverb vocals and introspective lyrics. They drew inspiration from their "adoration of Portishead, hip hop, and the swampy nature of Warpaints' "The Fool." bdrmm paints this song as "an ode to realization" with it's chorus lyrics to "prepare for something else".

This track will be featured on bdrmm's upcoming album, "i don't know" dropping June 30th, you don't want to miss it!

This time again next week? Tune into Inhailer Radio for fresh hits and all your favorites from our top 10 A List!

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curt frien
curt frien
May 06, 2023

Such a fantastic station! Love you guys. Keep it up!!!


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