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THE A LIST (04.06.23)

Your A List keeper, Music Director Nils Illokken, is here to share Inhailer's top 10 most played songs with the world.

Elected by your fellow music lovers and curated to you weekly, you can catch these songs live with Nils every Friday 11a - 3p EST to stay in tune with the latest new music.

Anyone, anywhere can dive IN here at, or conveniently from our new iPhone and Android apps, anytime!

#10 “Times Square” – Jam City

How about some perfect music for driving through a sleeping city at 3 AM? Jam City has you covered! Their new single Times Square has a hip-hop meets house music vibe that is bound to be on repeat for you (at least it is for us!). This is the first taste of their new record. Jam City Presents EFM out 6/1.

#9 “TANDANG” – Sego

Sego Sucks! An obvious nod to Primus, and also one of Inhailer's early day favorites from 2019. We've been waiting for the day when they have a proper album return, and it looks like 2023 is when this is happening. These artsy post-punkers from L.A. are making some of the most exciting and fun music in the scene, and TANDANG needs no further introduction. No word yet on the album, besides that it's on the way.

#8 “Borrow Trouble” – Feist

Does anybody else hear Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground when they hear this brand new Feist song kick off? That layered and droning violin is an incredible start to a beautiful song. "I'll take all of it that you've got to give" Multitudes is out 4/14 via Interscope.

#7 “Meshuggah” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This one is definitely going down in the history books as one of UMO's greatest songs. They have one from every album, so you know that V wasn't going to disappoint in that regard! Rueben, "You give meshuggah"

V is out now via Jagjaguwar.

#6 “Don't Fade Away” – Beach Fossils

It's surfy, it's dreamy, it's Beach Fossils! We're very happy to see their proper return, and the first taste of their upcoming record proves we won't be disappointed. Chock full of nostalgia for moments that haven't even happened yet, this one is definitely going to stick with you.

Bunny is out 6/2 via Bayonet.

#5 “Days Move Slow” – Bully

Don't worry, we aren't trying to get you excited about your high school bully, this Bully is one we can all get behind! This new track further proves the 90's are back, baby. This one is a tribute to Alicia Bognanno’s dog, Mezzi, who was very important to her during her upbringing. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Lucky For You is out 6/2 on Sub Pop.

#4 “TV in the Gas Pump” – Wednesday

Buzzy indie band on the rise Wednesday is Inhailer's featured artist of the week! Their much anticipated record Rat Saw God is out now. Their new record explores very real America, one you can only see living in these small towns, or living for months at a time on the road.

This is Wednesday's first song written about being on the road, and all the things that lead singer and songwriter Karly Hartzman has seen and ingested. “A few images that made it in the song include: the never ending gas station stops that blend together and the dystopian gas pump advertisements, a stressful experience in a Panera bread and a story of coming up from taking what you thought was a microdose of shrooms in a Dollar General.”

Rat Saw God is out 4/7 via Dead Oceans.

#3 “Something Wrong” – Hand Habits

Meg Duffy AKA Hand Habits are going in a new direction on this upcoming project and it has us hooked. These upcoming 6 songs, including the lead single Something Wrong were all inspired by a songwriting class Duffy taught in 2021. She expressed that she wanted nothing other than letting her mind go blank and leaning into the playful side of things. This is a different version of Hand Habits that we've seen before, and it's aurally rich and exciting.

Sugar The Bruise is out 6/16 via Fat Possum.

#2 “Smog” – Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza's Smog is staying strong at #2 for a second week in a row! How could it not, with such a catchy and fun chorus?

"I come alive in the nighttime, when everybody else is done

Come alive, it's the right time to really start having fun

I don't know how to turn around if I'm not ready

Don't know how to tell you that your jokes aren't funny"

All Of This Will End is out 4/28 via Saddle Creek.

#1 “Madras” – Sofia Kourtesis

Peruvian producer, vocalist and DJ Sofia Kourtesis just released her first music of 2023, and we're very proud to call it our #1 song this week! This song is full of hope, and love, and exuberance.

“This song is about my mother, her mother, my sisters who are mothers, my brothers who are mothers, and all the LGBTQIA+ members who are mothers to their communities,” says Kourtesis. “Madres has no gender. Madres loves to protect the ones you love. If you get lost, follow your mother’s voice, they will always bring you back.”

Catch you out there on the fresh airwaves, until the next A List!

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