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THE A LIST (03.31.23)

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Your usual A List keeper, Music Director Nils Illokken, is back on the airwaves this week after a trip to the Bay Area, sharing Inhailer's top 10 most played songs with the world.

Elected by your fellow music lovers and curated to you weekly, you can catch these songs live with Nils every Friday 11a - 3p EST to stay in tune with the latest new music.

Anyone, anywhere can dive IN here at, or conveniently from our new iPhone and Android apps, anytime!

#10 “Parody” – Yves Tumor

Kicking things off is a cut from Yves Tumor's very easy to remember brand new album Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)! We get to hear a slightly different side of Yves on this track, a more sensual one.

#9 “Sole Obsession” – Nation of Language

Brooklyn's favorite new wave/synthy post-punk group Nation Of Language are back and we couldn't be happier! It's synthy, moody, and following in New Order's big footsteps. It's off of an upcoming album entitled Strange Disciple but no release date has been set.

#8 “Wings Of Time” – Tame Impala

Tame Impala making fantasy prog-rock! Wow! This has been a love of his for a long time so Kevin Parker said he could not pass up this opportunity to write a song for the new fantasy action-comedy movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Written alongside Nicholas Allbrook in a Spanish villa that had the feel of a castle, this is a fun avenue for Parker & Co to pursue.

#7 “Borrow Trouble” – Feist

Feist is putting out her first album in nearly 6 years and this new single Borrow Trouble has us hopeful and excited for this one. This is a massive track featuring Feist's powerful vocals, droning violins, saxophone, acoustic guitar & much more! Multitudes is out 4/14.

#6 “Meshuggah” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Sometimes when an album rollout is 3-5 months, you start to lose steam and excitement for it. This was luckily not the case for Unknown Moral Orchestra's V! Recorded in Palm Springs and Hawaii (instead of Ruben Neilson's current home of Portland, OR), they were chasing Vitamin D and the good old days of the first record and really hit the mark.

#5 “Oh, Silly George” – Skinny Pelembe

Skinny Pelembe's first single of 2023 has made it onto the Inhailer Radio Top 10 yet again! This Afrobeat and retro soul inspired track lets the instrumentation shine, with the vocals seeming almost secondary, but still necessary to set the mood.

#4 “In My Head” – The Lemon Twigs

Can you name one other band that captures the sunny sounds of the AM 60's and 70's better than The Lemon Twigs? The newest single from their upcoming album is a perfectly jangly and sweet track "about the disconnect between your inner and perceived self,”. Everything Harmony is out 5/5.

#3 “Good Time” – The Dare

Is Dance Punk back?! This new song from The Dare has us ready to drive straight to NYC and dance and rock all night. This is the solo project of New York based Harrison Patrick Smith and we're very excited to see where it leads. Indie sleaze is back, baby.

#2 “Smog” – Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza is this week's featured artist! A singer-songwriter based out of Asheville, NC, De Souza has been on the rise since her 2018 bedroom rock debut I Love My Mom. Following that up with the beloved 2021 sophomore release Any Shape You Take, she has a promising 3rd LP on the way for 2023!

Written during the peak of the pandemic, Smog tackles the anxieties and awkwardness of the unknown-era of our lives. This is perfectly captured in the accompanying music video which sees late night convenience store customers going from their insular experiences to an exuberant parking lot dance party. All Of This Will End is out 4/28

#1 “Don't Fade Away” – Beach Fossils

We're suckers for dreamy indie rock, but who isn't?! We've got a taste of their first proper album since 2017's Somersault (besides their 2021 reimagining's of their back catalog with The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads). What else can we say besides this is a perfect indie bop? Welcome to #1; Beach Fossils.

Catch you out there on the fresh airwaves, until the next A List!

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