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THE A LIST (04.21.23)

Inhailer Radio is coming at you with our top 10 most-played tracks for last week's A List!

In case you missed this past Friday's broadcast, we’ve got you covered with some new hits, brought to you by our very own Music Director, Nils Illoken.

Nils rocks the airwaves LIVE with the A List every Friday 11a - 3p EST.

Dive IN here at, or conveniently from our new iPhone and Android apps, anytime!

#10 “Take It Back” – Leggy

Starting off the Top 10 right with Leggy's undeniably catchy hit "Take it Back". We are incredibly excited after Leggy's new album release, Dramatica, their first in four years. Describing their new album as, “lush femme diy pop,” count us in!

#9 “Fables (Feat. Beck)” – Rahill

This debut solo release from Rahill has us losing our minds! Brooklyn based singer from the rock band Habibi, joined forces with Beck to produce the ultimate dreamy rock song. Its the perfect teaser for her unreleased album, Flowers at Your Feet. We can't wait for more when the full album is released on May 12th!

#8 “Life in the Void” – The Reds, Pinks and Purples

From San Francisco to your ears on Inhailer Radio, The Reds, Pinks and Purples are currently on tour sharing their newest beats off their album The Town That Cursed Your Name.

#7 “American Blood” – Passion Pit

Can you believe it? New Passion Pit filling our veins again with their new single, which we're sure you're all just as fired up and ready for a new passion album as we are! Catch you singing along to this one in the car, the shower, whatever horizon our airwaves reach. "For youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

#6 “Bath County” – Wednesday

Wednesday returns for the 3rd week in a row here on the A List, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Through this album, Rat Saw God, Wednesday reflects the America you can only see in small towns.

“This is a song I wrote on a porch in Bath County, Virginia when me and [lead guitarist] Jake [Lenderman] were visiting Jake’s moms hometown. It includes some imagery I saw on that trip as well as a description of a guy we saw overdosed in a parking lot early one morning on our way to Dollywood.”

Rat Saw God was released on 4/7 via Dead Oceans, go check it out!

#5 “Not the Same” – PACKS

PACKS is a Toronto based band that knocks it out of the park everytime. Their new album Crispy Crunchy Nothing is full of hits to listen to on repeat. Here's our #5, that we cant get enough of!

#4 “Going Kokomo” – Royel Otis

Some new guitar pop influence for your ear holes from the Southern hemisphere in Sydney Australia. Their last being released just in March Bar & Grill, now with their latest Sofa Kings. Their tour hasn't quite reached The States yet, but soon we hope!

#3 “Be Careful” – bdrmm

bdrmm just blessed us with a brand new single at the beginning of April and we couldn't. be. happier. Catch their new album out on June 30th!

“Be Careful was written during the pandemic. I had set up a little studio in the back of my garden and would often take myself there on evenings with numerous bottles of wine. Inspired by Portishead, and with a bassline that owes itself to Radiohead’s ‘Nude’, this track came about so naturally.” --Far Out Magazine (4.6.23)

#2 “The Big Mess” – Tanlines

Yet another Tanlines hit for our top 10 this week! We just cant get enough of this indie-rock duo. Can you blame us? Tanlines is back with their first album in eight years. Our ears will be longing and ready when the rest of the album is released on May 19 via Merge.

In the mean time...welcome to #2!

#1 “Big Songbirds Don't Cry” – Superviolet

Superviolet is moving up the charts this week, and are we even surprised its #1?This track, coming from former "The Sidekicks" member Steven Ciolek, is our ultimate hypnotic folk dream. This cut is off the album, Infinite Spring, that was released April 21st, check it out!

Thanks for joining us for this week's A List! To catch these tracks live and so much more, tune into Inhailer Radio

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