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THE A LIST (04.14.23)

Nils Illokken, our very own Music Director, is back with another top 10 A List for your lovely ears.

Every week our A List is decided by you and the other Inhailer-heads. Especially curated to you weekly by Nils! You can catch the A List LIVE with Nils every Friday 11a - 3p EST to keep your airwaves fresh anytime, anywhere.

Dive IN here at, or conveniently from our new iPhone and Android apps, anytime!

#10 “Burns Effect” – Tanlines

Kicking off another Top 10 is the return of Tanlines, the Brooklyn-based duo who haven't put out a record in 8 years. The music video sees Eric Emm "channeling a lounge lizard version of the Thom Yorke dancing video and the bad-boy persona of an MTV-era late-career rocker, oozing machismo". The Big Mess is out 5/19 via Merge.

#9 “Big Songbirds Don't Cry” – Superviolet

How about a sweet and folky one up next? Superviolet is the new project from former The Skidekicks member Steven Ciolek. His upcoming debut record was recorded with none other than Columbus, Ohio's Saintseneca's Zac Little.

Infinite Spring is out 4/21 via Lame-O Records.

#8 “RBH” – Oracle Sisters

We've had an eye on Paris' Oracle Sisters since we played, and played, and played again their 2020 single Asc. Scorpio. This cut from their new record is called RBH (Right Beside Her) and has a timeless quality that evokes sunny 60's California pop and late 2000's indie.

Hydranism is out now.

#7 “DAYS GO BY (Feat. Toro Y Moi)” – SBTRKT

Speaking of timeless sounding, how about a heavily vaporwave inspired track by SBTRKT and featuring the buttery smooth vocals of Toro Y Moi. This is a new single from his first album in 7 years. Toro Y Moi is apparently one of SBTRKT's all-time favorites, which makes this collaborating all the better.

The Rat Road is out 5/5.

#6 “Bath Country” – Wednesday

This one is making it back on our Top 10 after some weeks away! Their music anticipated and now critically acclaimed album is out now and we're returning to give the first single from the record some well deserved love again. Fun fact: the video is inspired heavily by PJ Harvey's Man-Size!

Rat Saw God is out now.

#5 “I Know Nothing At All” – Dazy

We were already blessed with Dazy's debut full-length in 2022, and he followed that up with a surprise-drop EP last month! The 90's rock revival is here, and Dazy is helping lead the charge.

The OTHERBODY EP is out now via Lame-O Records.

#4 “I Want It All” – The Drums

It's always great to see a return from The Drums, you know it will be catchy. This is the first taste of an upcoming record that has yet to be announced.

“The song emerged from the longing and the pain that stemmed from a loveless childhood,” says Jonny Pierce. “It is only in the past few years that I have really begun to understand what happened to me as a boy, which has helped me start to build my own bridge towards real love. The song is a declaration – that I will take what I was never given. I want the full experience of being human, which includes love and connection. I want it all.”

#3 “Days Move Slow” – Bully

Bully is this weeks Featured Artist. Guitarist and singer Alicia Bognanno has had a well deserved rise since her 2015 90's inspired debut record Feels Like and followed that up with 2017's Losing, and 2020's SUGAREGG; all Inhailer Radio favs! We have a feeling this new record will become one of your favorites too...

Debuted opening for The Breeders last month, and a tribute to her late dog Mezzi, this new one from Bully's upcoming album just keeps hitting!

"As someone who has spent the majority of my life feeling agonizingly misunderstood, there is no greater gift than experiencing true unconditional love and acceptance. I waited my whole life for the bond and irreplaceable companionship I had with Mezzi. She was my best friend and my only constant through some of the most pivotal moments and phases of my life. I was a stranger to the level of love I now know exists because of Mezzi. Love you forever; I’m lucky for you."

#2 “Nobody” – Black Belt Eagle Scout

We love to see a sudden surprise in our #2 slot! We were absolutely loving Black Belt Eagle Scout's record from February, and guess what? We're still loving it!

“When I was growing up, I didn’t have very many Native role models to look to on TV or the radio,” says Katherine Paul. “It was within my own community that I found inspiring role models through our elders and our community leaders. With Native representation in music and television slowly growing, I often ask myself where I stand within representation in music and how I want to be seen. This song is about the relationship I have with my own representation in music.”

The Land, The Water, The Sky is out now via Saddle Creek.

#1 “Smog” – Indigo De Souza

I should have known this would be the #1 track this week. I have been singing it to myself every single night when getting ready for bed, and it feels good to know that I'm not alone in loving this track this week. How can you deny a chorus like that?

I come alive in the nighttime, when everybody else is done

Come alive, it's the right time to really start having fun

I don't know how to turn around if I'm not ready

Don't know how to tell you that your jokes aren't funny

All Of This Will End is out 4/28 via Saddle Creek.

Catch you out there on the fresh airwaves, until the next A List!

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