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THE A LIST (12.8.23)

Happy Friday! We couldn't be happier that you're here joining us for this week's A List. Today, we're counting down the top 10 tracks from last week.

Make sure to stay up to date with the latest and greatest songs carefully curated by your fellow music aficionados and delivered to you directly by our very own music director, Nils Illokken. Join Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Sleep Like Hell" - Turboslacker

We're kicking off the A List right with Dayton-based band,Turboslacker. This is their debut single and man, does it rock!! They've got a spooky sound that is just addicting. We were oh-so-lucky to hear them at our Inspired Indie Music Festival the other week!

#9 "Average Guy" (Blame) - TV Girl, Monster Rally

Number nine, we're feeling divine, and divine is this song too! TV Girl and Monster Rally have a sound that transcends the years. "Average Guy" came out 10 years ago but it still has that warm, synth-loop, and nostalgic sound that we know and love.

#8 "West End Girls" (Pet Shop Boys Cover) - Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods and a Pet Shop Boys cover? Say less, count me in. They put their spin on this iconic 80's rap song and it sounds amazing. In an interview, Andrew Fearn stated that "West End Girls’ is a song that’s very close to [his] heart, [his] coming-of-age track in so many ways."

#7 "Adore Adore Adore" - SPRINTS

Coming at you with some post-punk all the way from Ireland is SPRINTS. Lead singer Karla Chubb said the song is about "a guttural reaction to [her] experience of criticism, gender and misogyny. People can't seem to stop pressing their idea of what being a woman or acting like a woman is or should be upon us."

They never called me beautiful

They only called me insane

Now I’m living blithely and plentiful

And I’m going insane

#6 "Maybelinne" - Frog

Welcome to number six, and welcome to Frog! We are obsessed with this song and hope you are too."Maybelinne" has a soft-rock sound reminiscent of Hall and Oates or The Carpenters.

#5 "Honest Answers Only" (Feat. KNOTTS) - James Dapper

Woah, we're already halfway done? Time flies when you're listening to our top 10! This one features a synth-pop duet of two of our favorites, KNOTTS and James Dapper! The acts mix so well and this song is just easygoing.

Why’d you go off and leave?

Be honest with me

Do you still care for me?

Answer me honestly

#4 "Slugs" - Slow Pulp

Need a summer indie love song to get ya out of these winter blues? Look no further to Slow Pulp. Lead singer Emily Massey said the song "lives in that place where the newness and freshness of getting to know someone turns into a tinge of fear because you realize how much you have come to care about them."

#3 "Water Underground" – Real Estate

We're looking at some prime Real Estate right here... yeah I should probably trash that stand-up dream.

This song has such a laid-back sound. The guitar tones are bright, the vocals are dreamy, and the chorus is plain catchy. Also, this music video is incredibly 'camp' and definitely worth a watch.

#2 "The Answer" - Johnny Marr

You know him, you love him, we have the wonderful Johnny Marr on our number two! This song is extremely powerful, with full guitar sounds and synths streaming in the background.

Don't you look back 

Take the faith back  

Got the answers this time  

Until tomorrow

#1 "Wall of Eyes" - The Smile

What better band to be on number one than Radiohead's side-project The Smile? This is the title track off of their upcoming record. It's absolutely ethereal. They recorded the album partly in Oxford and Abbey Road in London. "Wall of Eyes" also features the London Contemporary Orchestra, which real ly just ties the song together.

Same time next week? Thanks for joining me for this A List!

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