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THE A LIST (12.01.23)

Happy December y'all! We're so glad you're here to basque in the joy of music with your top 10 on this week's A List.

Want to find your new favorite band? We've got you covered. Join Nils Illoken, our very own music director, every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!!

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#10 "Born For Loving You" - Big Thief

We're kicking off our A List right with the beautiful sound of Big Thief. Between their latest album and newest singles, the band is settling into a twangy alt-country genre... and we love it.

Cause I was born for lovin’ you

Just somethin’ I was made to do

Doesn’t matter what dreams come true

I was born for loving you

#9 "Heartbreaker" - Hazel English

Australian artist, Hazel English, has got that indie pop star sound. This song's about hating the guts out of your ex. Hazel has a soft and smooth quality to her voice that we love so much. And hey, maybe you an say you heard her on Inhailer Radio before she blew up!

#8 "The Tower" - Future Islands

Welcome to number eight y'all! We've been spinning "The Tower" non-stop here at Inhailer. Samuel Herring's voice is like a beacon of hope, with melodies that weave and emb around the poppy synths.

Their new record, People Who Aren't There Anymore is out January 26th and we are so stoked.

#7 "Final Summer" - Cloud Nothings

Cloud. Nothing. Is. Back!!! Dropping their first single under Pure Noise Records, this track is a catchy rock hit. According to Lead guitarist Dylan Baldi, "Final Summer" "is about reconciling past versions of [him] with the self [he] see[s] when [he] looks in the mirror every morning...always trying to learn more and using that knowledge to take the leaps of faith that are necessary to try new things and continue living and growing."

#6 "(Not The) Only One" - Mosant

If you live in the 513 and haven't heard of Mosant, well, let's just put you on to your new favorite band. They performed for our Inhailer Inspired Music Festival last week and absolutely brought the house down. This single is incredibly funky... happy listening!

#5 "The Answer" - Johnny Marr

Halfway there? Woah, that was fast. Johnny Marr does nothing but amaze us. I mean from The Smiths, to the Pretenders, to Modest Mouse, and now a spectacular solo career? Music practically radiates from him.

#4 "Say It Like You Mean It" - Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney is back with another great song and amazing music video. This one stars J Smith-Cameron from Succession. Director Carrie Brownstein said, "the video tells the story of a woman who’s lost all sense of what’s appropriate." She's "sick with the alienation that stems from existing in a disparate emotional state from the person or people closest to her."

#3 "Playing Favorites" – Sheer Mag

Sitting pretty at number three is Sheer Magggggg. This song is the perfect pop-punk anthem from their latest record, Playing Favorites. In an interview, the band stated, "nobody seems to write straight up rock bangers anymore — more than anything else, we want[ed] this record to put huge, catchy songwriting front and center."

We'll it certainly is catchy, and we certainly are loving it!

#2 "Dream Job" - Yard Act

What's not to like about British, post-punk, and funk song? We say nothing. Yard Act has it all. "Dream Job" has such full sound that you honestly need to listen to it twice to catch every detail. They've been on our radar for a while now and we know you love them dearly.

Welcome to the future, the paranoia suits ya.

step into my office. All night long,


#1 "Flexorist" - The Voidz

Number one!! We made it. The Voidz is coming at you with synthy dance song - and trust me, it will make you want to get up and dance.The track gives also ode to classic 80's pop and Julian's past word with Daft Punk.

Same time next week? Thanks for joining me for this A List!

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