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THE A LIST (10.13.23)

Hey y'all! Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenida, to our A List. You've been here, you know it, we're counting down the top 10 tracks from last Friday's list.

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#10 "Used To Saying Yes" - SWIMM

Starting off our top 10 with a bang we have the Los Angeles pop-rock band, SWIMM. This single is all about the trials of online love and lust.

Tell me all the things you love

All your youth and all it’s sweetness

I could laugh it all off this time

bury it all down inside

#9 "Tazident" - Bombino

Coming in at #9 is the immensely talented Bombino. Born in Niger, the Tuareg singer-songwriter blends sounds of folk, rock, and soul. He often writes his country's struggle with governmental oppression. This is his first release since 2018 and it is just stunning!

#8 "Where My Girls At" - NOBRO

NOBRO is back on our A List for the second week in a row - and are we even surprised? "Where My Girls At" is all fun and energy. It's been stuck in our heads here at Inhailer because we keep spinning it.

#7 "Speaking In Tongues" - In The Pines

We. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. In The Pines! This latest release is a look into the band's exploration of psychedelic rock. The chorus has a full and powerful sound, with fuzzy guitars roaring throughout the song.

Their next album, Painting By Numbers, comes out November 3rd, and we just can't wait. In fact, we're so pumped that we're giving tickets away to their album release show on November 18th at Woodward Theater. Just click on our 'GIVEAWAYS' tab and you're on your way to see In The Pines live.

#6 "You Played Me" - DJ Shadow

Are we in the 80s? Is that a Roland TR-808? Whatever it is, we at Inhailer are loving this track. The artist, John Davis, formally known as DJ Shadow, said the song concept was based on his purchase of 200 Baltimore/D.C. music tapes from the 80s.

His upcoming album, Action Adventure, will be out on October 28th - make sure to tune in!

#5 "Cousin" - Wilco

Number five and we're feeling just fine because of the soothing vocals of Jeff Tweedy. This track has been on our A List two times in a row because we love it so much. The "California Stars" band is coming at us with more rock based songs, with this one having a drum beat reminiscent of Combat Rock by The Clash. We're convinced Wilco can do it all; Folk, rock, country, what's next?

#4 "Somewhere" - Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr, former co-songwriter and guitarist of The Smiths, is fresh off of a tour with Blondie and The Killers. He just released this hit single that will be featured on his upcoming album. The melodies are beautiful, his voice sounds great, and the atmosphere on the song is just right. We are stoked to hear what he comes out with next.

#3 "Believing Is Seeing" – Marnie Stern

We've got an exciting announcement - Marnie Stern is releasing her first album in ten years! The math rock genius is coming at us with some experimental punk - and we are obsessed. This single also features a trippy music video to accompany the vibe.

The Comeback Kid, is due November 3rd, make sure to give it a listen.

#2 "Can We Forget" - ALEXSUCKS

Need a new indie artist on your radar? Look no further, we've got ALEXSUCKS served for you. With inspiration drawn from bands such as The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys, Alex always seems to shine bright with his vocals.

#1 "BLACK MOONLIGHT" - Duran Duran

Number one already? That was really fast, but let's celebrate our top choice with a dance party. In fact, it's so hard not to get on your feet with this one and Duran Duran is just in time for Halloween. The synths, the cover, and the lyrics are oh-so spooky.

Make sure to tune in live to hear our A List and more!

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