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THE A LIST (10.06.23)

Happy October folks! Welcome to our beloved A List! We're gonna cover the top 10 tracks from last Friday's list.

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#10 "Don't Let Go" - Supershy

Name a better way to start off our A List? I'll wait. Tom Misch, under the alias Supershy, has just released an album of banger club hits. Better known for his pop and indie hits, most famously the single "Geography," Tom is getting into the house music scene and it is amazing.

#9 "Where My Girls At" - NOBRO

Montreal girlband NOBRO is coming at you with rock and roll this lovely Friday. "Where My Girls At" has everything you need; energy, rage, and female liberation.

Where my girls at

Gonna start me a rock n roll band ya

Where my girls at

Gonna start me a rock and roll band ya

Their newest record, Set Your Pussy Free, is out October 27th - make sure to listen!

#8 "Tied Up!" - Genesis Owusu

Number eight, we're feeling great, and even better with Genesis Owusu. I mean, come on, that bassline?! Not to mention this single was produced by Henry Was and Sol Was, (Beyoncé's Renaissance) so of course it's beautiful. We hope you're grooving along with us.

#7 "Born For Loving You" - Big Thief

We won't ever get tired about writing about Big Thief. The Brooklyn based group knows how to make reflective, somber, rock songs with Adrienne Lenker's soft spoken voice. But this one has us smiling from ear to ear. Who doesn't love a love song?

#6 "J-O-B" - Subsonic Eye

Subsonic Eye captures the frustration of capitalism and its consequences with this single. Lead singer Nur Wahidah writes, "I was (and still am) so completely frustrated with finding a job I care about...I feel like I start convincing myself that my self worth is measured by the job I have." Even with this introspective message, the band finds the humor in it with their music video involving gorillas and thumbs.

#5 "KPR" - Yumi Zouma

Halfway there? Already?! Well, good thing we have the dreamy vocals of Christie Simpson to ease the pain. This is the first single off of their upcoming EP and it's giving us 90's shoegaze energy. Their sound is full and so vibrant!! We are so excited to hear what they put out next.

#4 "Wishing Well" - Sundara Karma

Throw a coin in for this new hit by Sundara Karma! Their sound is remenisicent of New Order, with the warm fuzzy guitar riffs and the synthesizers streaming in the background. According to their lead singer, Oscar Pollock, "Wishing Well" is actually a "pretty gloomy track, giving voice to all the lives I missed out on living."

Their record, Better Luck Next Time, is due October 27th!

#3 "Everynight" – Deeper

Deeper just released their newest record, Careful!, and it is fantastic! According to the band, "they’re reshaping the facades and splashing color, not reimagining their sound so much as testing its limits. There are synth experiments, there are moments of nauseatingly powerful darkwave and coldbeat. There are massive rock’n’roll songs that you can imagine 10,000 people singing along to."We love this single and hope you do too.

#2 "Speaking In Tongues" - In The Pines

In The Pines is baaack! We have been spinning this one consistently because we can't get it out of our heads. When the chorus of this track hits for the first time, it is insane. The background vocals make that part so complete.

Their third studio album, Painting By Numbers, is due November 3rd, make sure to check it out!

#1 "Cousin" - Wilco

Last, but most certainly not least, we have a the title track of Wilco's recent album Cousin. It seems as though they are back into their experimental rock genre since their last album Cruel Country.

Also, some people are guessing this one might be in the next season of The Bear? Only time will tell...

Same time next week? Make sure to tune into this weeks A List!

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