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THE A LIST (06.30.23)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Are you ready to rock? We couldn't be more hyped for you to join us on the countdown for this week's A List.

Join us and discover an impeccable selection of songs. Nils Illokken, our esteemed music director, will be your companion, delivering the playlist straight to your ears. Don't miss out—tune in every Friday from 11a - 3p EST for this magnificent list and beyond!

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#10 "Showgirls" - MAN ON MAN

Kicking off our A List here at #10 is queer-punk band MAN ON MAN. This track is a high energy ear-worm that will make you want to jump around in your living room. Their second album Pronvincetown is out now!

#9 "Nah, That Ain't It" - Spiritual Cramp

All the way from San Fransisco we have Spiritual Cramp!! "Nah, That Ain't It" is a bright punk song featuring a video with a performance and a bossy director. Their sound gives us The Strokes in the early 2000s and someone even compare them to Talking Heads.

#8 "Something Wrong" - Hand Habits

This single by Hand Habits has a groovy lead guitar with heart-wrenching lyrics. "I wanted to lean into the playful side of pain on this one," Hand Habit states. We've been loving Sugar the Bruise, their latest EP.

I’m begging eating from the palm of your hand

I’m aching to call you my friend

Is there something wrong with that?

Is there something wrong?

#7 "floral organs" - Home Is Where

One word. Harmonica. Home Is Where brings us yet another midwest-emo anthem, and we are so here for it! Their sophomore album the whaler is out now.

#6 "Road to Joy" - Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel took a break from our A List last week, but now he's back because we still can't get enough. "Road to Joy" has a large sound, with a funky bass line and powerful synths. The record this single is on, I/O, "is a project which is partly a story focused around the brain and how we perceive things."

#5 "Lunette Fields Speak" - Bruiser and Bicycle

Halfway through already? Wow, that was fast. Bruiser and Bicycle brings us a world-wind of a song. The 7 minute track is a dreamy, dizzying, rock song that has a huge crescendo and finish at the end. We are obsessed with their new record Holy Red Wagon.

#4 "Dirt Diamand" - Generationals

Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer are the geniuses behind Generationals - and they know how to make a catchy indie rock song! There's loads of reverb, crisp drums, and introspective lyrics. What's not to like?

#3 "I See Myself" - Geese

Funkadelic is here to stay. Geese has a laid back and groovy sound, with gospel vocals in the background. It's almost Steely Dan-esque. The song is about those deeper relationships that you have in life. Lead singer Cameron Winter writes, "seeing your humanity reflected back in someone else is one of the most pure kinds of connections that exist."

#2 "Dance Now" - Girl and Girl

Austrialian band 'mate' Kai James is featured in this music video running around in a chicken costume. We feel like that sums this band up pretty well. They're fun, energetic, and don't like to take things too seriously.

#1 "Still Getting It Done" - Ghost of Vroom

#1 baby!! This song is, quite frankly, a banger. With a funky beat and smooth guitar riffs, this song is the perfect representation of alternative rap. Produced by Mario Caldato Jr. who's mixed for the Beastie Boys, its no wonder this one is at the top.

I’m still getting it done

I’m like Johnny Beyond

Still swinging

This time next week? Tune in to hear A List live!

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