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THE A LIST (02.10.23)

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Inhailer Radio brings you another exciting wave of new music with The A List, our top 10 most-played tracks of the week!

Brought to you by Nils Illokken, our Music Director, every week. Elevate your ears from anywhere anytime here at, or download our new app for iPhone and Android.

#10 “Tropic Morning News” – The National

Cincinnati's The National are still sticking around with the lead single from their 9th album First Two Pages Of Frankenstein, to be released 4/28.

#9 “Blood and Butter” – Caroline Polachek

It's been a slow burn waiting for the follow up to Caroline Polachek's debut solo record but, things are ramping up quick! Blood and Butter is the 5th song we've heard previewing her upcoming record and we couldn't be more excited! Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is out 2/14.

#8 “Leave Brian Alone” – Joey Joesph

We're big fans of Cincinnati weirdo art rocker, Joey Joesph. It's always a special treat when they drop new music (which is practically always) and the fuzzy, anti-bullying, fast paced jam Leave Brian Alone does not disappoint!

#7 “Town Crank” – Clark

Coming down from the high of their #1 debut last week, Town Crank is sticking with us. Maybe it's the excitement of the upcoming Thom Yorke produced album, or maybe it's just that this song rips! Sus Dog is out 5/26.

#6 “Happenstance” – Shalom

Alt-pop/rocker Shalom is on the rise! Raised in South Africa, and currently living in Brooklyn, they were “discovered” by pop/electronic producer Ryan Hemsworth. They have an album with Hemsworth at the production helm, Sublimation is out 3/10 via Saddle Creek.

#5 “Gamma Rays” – Temples.

Like the sun, Temples' Gamma Rays just won't quit! They've made the cut for the 3rd week running, thanks to the appetite of Inhailer listeners. The upcoming album was made with producer Sean Ono Lennon and mixed by Dave Fridmann (of Flaming Lips, MGMT, Beach House), Exotico is out 4/14 via ATO.

#4 “Evolution” – Braids

Braids is hunkering down as #4 another week with the newest single off of their upcoming album Euphoric Recall. “Evolution in and of itself is a patient act,” Raphaelle Standell-Preston stated. “Our pursuit of the individual self, which comprises all realms of human emotion, is sweetened with the intention and act of patience from ourselves, from those that we love and those who love us.”

With this music video, it feels just that was communicated through the beautiful imagery.

#3 “Echolalia” – Yves Tumor

Androgenous experimental/electronic rocker Yves Tumor is still on the upswing. Their 2021 EP The Asymptotical World was a hit on Inhailer and we have good feelings about this new album! Very easy to remember, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds), is out 3/17 via Warp.

#2 “Be On Our Way” – Daughter

It's been nearly 7 years since we were last graced with a new record from English folk-trio, Daughter. They did some recent soundtrack work for narrative choice driven video game, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. This new record, "has been in the making for a long time, pieced together delicately (obsessively maybe) over years, trying to make it as complete as it could ever feel”, Elena Tonra shared. Stereo Mind Game is out 4/7 via 4AD.

#1 “$20” – boygenius

After holding it down at #3 the past couple of weeks, they claimed their crown this week, alas. *No cash bribes of "$20", nor any amount, were accepted. We assure you, this was an all natural come up, per the Inhailer listeners demand, no matter what the title may suggest. boygenius debut's their new record the record 3/31.

And that's a wrap on this week's top 10, The A List.

Stay tuned in for more chart climbing hits and the latest in music news. Here at Inhailer, our listeners decide, so be sure to put in your requests and your favorite song could end up on next weeks chart.

Hope this INspired your weekend, until next time!

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