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Con Davison, Indie Rock Drummer's Solo Breakout at MOTR

While you’ll recognize him from behind the drum set of indie rock band Bad Bad Hats, on January 21st Con Davison will make his debut as a solo artist on the MOTR Pub stage. Davison will be performing ahead of his debut album, Far Off Distant Plans which dropped on October 19th, 2018.

Far Off Distant Plans was entirely written, recorded, and produced by Davison himself in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His melodic style of nineties-esque rock pays homage to fellow Bad Bad Hats who are also based out of Minneapolis. Davison’s solo debut is an apparent collection of songs about the future, with heavy emphasis on longing and fear, masked behind whimsical melodies and pop-punk riffs.

Davison began his work as a full time musician when he was officially brought on board as a full time band member in Bad Bad Hats upon the release of their sophomore album, Lightning Round. Bad Bad Hats has previously toured with acts such as Trampled By Turtles, Coast Modern, and Third Eye Blind. Davison’s current eleven date tour will be his first as a headliner. Join us there for what is definitely bound to be a great show.

Where: MOTR Pub

When: Monday January 21st, 2019

Cost: Free



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