Hippo Campus Returns with the Introspective Bambi

Hippo Campus has released their second full-length album, Bambi. With sounds that recall Bon Iver, Rostam, and The 1975, Bambi delves into darker topics than previous works with a self-reflective and mature attitude.

Hippo Campus is Jake Luppen and Nathan Stocker both on guitar/vocals, Zach Sutton on bass, Whistler Allen on drums, and DeCarlo Jackson on trumpet. The group formed in 2013 when all five members were attending the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. In 2015, Hippo Campus re-released their first EP, Bashful Creatures, and released their second EP, South. With an appearance on CBS’s This Morning, Hippo Campus started gaining national recognition. In 2017, their first full-length album, Landmark, became internationally available. The group toured the album internationally the following year. Over the past five years, Hippo Campus has been consistently growing in recognition and ability to make both driving, upbeat indie pop music and calm placid music with sounds that linger and float into the listener’s ears.

Bambi has two singles, “Passenger” and “Bambi.” From a simple ambient beat track, “Passenger” builds into a full-bodied and dramatic song that needs to be listened to while