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TRIIIBE: Music With a Message at the Comet


Friday the 13th is often associated with superstition, a sense of unease, and bad luck. Come out to the Comet and vibe with TRIIIBE at their Friday the 13th event: Blvck Magic. There will be performances by BROOKLYNN RAE, BLASÉ, and AZIZA LOVE, as well as an open mic session.

TRIIIBE (True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Black Excellence) is one of Cincinnati’s top up-and-coming music and activist collectives. The four-piece consists of the poet Siri Imani; the vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist Aziza Love; producer and lyricist Pxvce (Peace); and visual artist and lyricist Jessi Jumanji. TRIIIBE was honored with the Cincinnati Music Awards for best R&B/Funk/Soul act in the 2017. Each member of the collective creates their own music, making each performance truly unique.

The group’s passion extends well beyond music. TRIIIBE takes that passion off stage and into the real world, as activists in the community. They’re big supporters of the Black Lives Matter and Students for Survivors movements, and of uniting people through the creative community. They host a variety of events ranging from book clubs and gardening classes, to street cleaning. Perhaps one of TRIIIBE’s most notable ventures has been Potluck for the People where, along with a group of volunteers, the collective aims to feed some of Cincinnati’s less fortunate. The event is bigger than just food. They provided haircuts, counseling, medical services, and hiring events, as well. Even when faced by adversity from the city, they didn’t back down from helping people.

So, come check them out tonight at the Comet. The event is totally free and totally worth your while.


When: Friday, July 13th, 10 P.M

Where: The Comet

How Much: Free



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