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Moonbeau and Coastal Club: Photos From A Packed House

We time traveled back to the '80s on Friday night with Cincinnati’s very own synth-pop band, Moonbeau! Coastal Club, another Cincinnati favorite, added their signature surf jams to the party, opening with a performance that got the crowd dancing just before the Queen City's dance royalty, Moonbeau, took the stage.

Later that night and across the street at MOTR, internet rapper Audley hosted another release party, dropping his album, Pink, on vinyl through Soul Step Records. His show included performances by Ronin, Brooklyn Rae, and Triiibe.

Co-fronted by Christian Gough and Claire Muenchen, Moonbeau has a real knack for anything Ferris Beuhler-esque. Acid wash jeans, asymmetrical haircuts, fringe, and high top sneakers are just a few of their staples on stage and off. Their music is merely a reflection of how enamored they are by the era. Their nostalgia for the '80s has made an impression on the thousands of fans that have gathered to hear them relive those neon-hazed days.



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