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OIDS: ZONKED! Album Review

Earlier this year, Cincinnati’s newest new-wave rockers OIDS released their single ‘Wrong Man" which took Cincinnatians by surprise. The song blends eighties-era synth and rock sounds comparable to bands like Rush or Depeche Mode but with a modern rave ready feel. It’s a total 80’s throwback that stands out even in an era of 80’s throwbacks.

OIDS’ full-length debut, which dropped on May 27th, is one of the most anticipated local albums of the summer and it’s easy to see why; it’s weird as hell and utterly awesome! The whole album sounds like psychedelic carnival music with an 80’s twist. To put it plainly, it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard but wished you had.

Zonked! features eight tracks of Peter Eugene Foley’s magnificent and bizarre vocal pageantry alongside heavy-metal bass riffs and dazzling synth keys. The album opens with “Golden Age" a 2018 response to 80’s new-wave punk. With it’s groovy hook and eccentric breaks, the song sets the deliciously strange tone for the rest of the album.

One of OIDS most admirable quirks is their ability to blend so many familiar sounds to create something completely new and exciting. "The Great Northern" is a fusion of every 80’s era musical archetypes. Blending sounds reminiscent of Rush and The Talking Heads with a spastic rap verse adds to the rebellious oddity of the album.

This is not an album you’ll want to put on the backburner. Start to finish, Zonked! is a doozy. The album twists and turns, inside and out, and you just have to roll along with it. Be sure to add OIDS to your list of must-sees this summer in Cincinnati!.


For Fans Of: Rush, The Yugos, whatever the Duffer Brothers are into.

Our Take: A fresh twist on old styles, the OIDS are a band you don't want to miss!



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