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Ronin: New Single feat. Siri Imani of Triiibe

Here's a new release through our friends at DBLCIN: "Gallows" by Ronin featuring TRIIIBE's Siri Imani.

"'Gallows' is meant to be very defiant. Overall the idea is kind of a shout against death and against the desire to give up," says Greg Lenzo, the mind behind Ronin.

The song title alone paints a bleak picture. Coupled with the artist's name, Ronin, a wandering vengeful samarai, and the story becomes clear: a push back against the brink. The lyrics, coupled with the dark-yet-trippy visual elements, give the piece a vibe of aggression and triumph. And like any good producer, xvii provided a soundscape that allowed the Ronin+Siri duo to fully realize those themes.

"Having the opportunity to trade bars with Siri and develop the concept was super exciting," Greg continued, "We basically finished writing our first session, then chipped away at perfecting it in the studio."

But, judging by the video from a visual leader in the Cincinnati hip hop scene, it's obvious that this was never just a sonic endeavor: "We reached out to Lunar Thought Films to complete the visual, and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out... It's a powerful and emotional track to perform and it has definitely become one of my favorites."

The piece was mixed and mastered by SmokeFace, and includes guest appearances by J Phunq, Jomarie, Pxvce Productions, Jaybee Lamahj and Joness.

You can catch Ronin at Audley's Pink Vinyl Release on June 29 at MOTR.



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