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TRIIIBE at MOTR: Intellectual Eclectic Hip-Hop

One of Cincinnati’s most up-and-coming music and activist collectives will be performing at MOTR on June 1st. TRIIIBE (True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Black Excellence) is a four-member cooperative consisting of the poet Siri Imani; the songstress, vocalist, and instrumentalist Aziza Love; the producer and lyricist Pxvce (Peace); and the visual artist and lyricist Jessi Jumanji. Last year TRIIIBE won the best R&B/Funk/Soul in the Cincinnati Music Award’s. They’ve recorded with Bootsy Collins and graced an array of stages. They know how to bring the heat with their lyrics, their dance, and their passion.

TRIIIBE takes their mission off the stage and into their day to day lives as activists in the community. Beyond being big supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and Students for Survivors, TRIIIBE is known for hosting gatherings that involve urban gardening classes, book clubs, and street cleaning. The group finds ways to unite people in creative spaces and to enrich their community however they can.

One of the coolest things about the collective is the fact that everyone has the autonomy to produce their own unique music, adding to the entire flavor of TRIIIBE. By expanding their ability to cover a range of genres and really play outside of the box, TRIIIBE reaches a truly engaged, action-driven audience. It’s what the music scene needs--artists who will take steps to endorse the power of changing the things around you that you wish to see in better. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to connect with this commendable collective and get down on all the jams when they play for free at MOTR on June 1st.

Who: TRIIIBE When: June 1st Where: MOTR FREE



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