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Revive Your Soul: Xzela, Triiibe, Toph, and Venicia & the Shadow People at Southgate House Reviv


New local artists, like Xzela (pronounced Zella) and many more, are starting to make waves in the hip-hop/R&B scene in Cincinnati. While embracing the genre in her own modern-day style she defines as “neo-soul”, Xzela will be sharing her spotlight with other highly unique local artists like Triiibe, Toph, and Venicia & the Shadow People on May 5th at the Southgate House Revival in Newport.

While releasing new singles like “Starry”, from her next solo project titled “Crystalline” that will be released in June, Xzela is also commonly noticed by her work alongside her best friend, Luna Bruja. They have been able to collaborate their contrasting sounds— soulful wispy vocals and bold rhythmic spoken word—into a slight dreamy synth-pop twist. So far Xzela has made the right moves by playing shows like Live on Short Vine, which include other successful local artists like GrandAce, the Carriers, and Moonbeau.

Alongside Xzela is the eclectic soulful funk group, Triiibe—one of the most highly reviewed shows for being the best musical, spoken word, hip-hop group in Cincinnati. They have a way of leaving their audiences feeling deeply impacted by their movement as well as inspired by their magical vibes and positive energy. While also performing at Live on Short Vine, Triiibe has made some surprise collaborations on stage with soulful rock band, Sylmar and playing alongside hip-hop artist, Audley, and punk rock band, Pout.

Joining this miscellaneous hip-hop/R&B crowd on May 5th will be Cincinnati cellist, Toph. He brings a distinctive sound by blending classical with hip-hop, soul, and rap. He does so by letting the soul and classical flow smoothly in the background while the beat of his expressive spoken word carries the audience in the forefront.

And finally, brand new local music group Venicia and the Shadow People will be presenting a more soft rock vibe, performing mostly original songs written by singer/songwriter Venicia Kosien. With her band by her side, they will be on their way to making their music successfully known in the Cincinnati music scene just by performing alongside these remarkable up and coming artists!

On that note, come to The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY on May 5th at 9 pm. Immerse your ears in what could be the perfect mixture of modern-day R&B, soul, hip-hop and funk in the local music community!

When: Saturday, May 5, starts at 9 pm Where: The Southgate House Revival How much: $8.00 - $10.00 / Age 18 And Up



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