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Sylmar, Triiibe, and Pout: Photo Recap

Photo credit: Brandon Adams, Staff Photographer

If you missed out on the Sylmar, Triiibe, and Pout show at the Woodward Theater on March 23, you can catch the feeling with these photos! Find more details on each of the bands below, courtesy of Staff Writer Nathan Dermis.

Sylmar is a Cincy-based stoner-jazz-rock ensemble. The five-piece was formed in 2016 by frontman Brian McCullough, bassist Chase Watkins, CJ Eliasen on drums, and guitarists Luke Glaser and Dan Sutter. They quickly picked up steam in the local scene after releasing their debut LP to a packed Woodward Theater in July 2017 and were nominated for the Best Indie/Alternative category in the 2017 Cincinnati Music Awards.

Brian’s passionate vocals blend with entrancing guitar melodies to really set Sylmar apart. With a sound that’s energetic and borderline psychadelic, it’s pretty much impossible to stand still during their concerts!

TRIIIBE (True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Black Excellence) formerly known as Blvck Seeds (Black Liberation Via Creativity and Knowledge) is an artist collective that strives for social change in Cincinnati and beyond. The four-member collective consists of the poet Siri Imani; the songstress, vocalist, and instrumentalist Aziza Love; the producer and lyricist Pxvce (Peace); and the visual artist and lyricist Jessi Jumanji. The collective won best R&B/Funk/Soul in the CMAs last year.

Activism defines TRIIIBE. The group is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and Students for Survivors. They want to show people that we all can better by leading by example. The group organizes gardening, yoga, and mediation groups to help themselves and others express themselves creatively. This performance will be entertaining and empowering, to say the least.

Pout is a pop punk band out of Cincinnati that got it's start in 2016. Caroline Beller fronts the band, and is backed up by Paul Estes on bass, Kainon Loebker on guitar and vocals, and drummer Harrison Miller. They haven't released music yet, but based on their live set, we're eager to hear them when they do!



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