Sylmar, TRIIIBE, and Pout: Diverse Bill at the Woodward Theater

The Woodward Theatre presents three talented groups of artists, each with their own unique brand, in a lineup that is anything but typical. See a matchup you won’t soon forget with Sylmar, TRIIIBE, and Pout!

Sylmar is a Cincy-based stoner-jazz-rock ensemble. The five-piece was formed in 2016 by frontman Brian McCullough, bassist Chase Watkins, CJ Eliasen on drums, and guitarists Luke Glaser and Dan Sutter. They quickly picked up steam in the local scene after releasing their debut LP to a sold-out Woodward Theatre in July 2017, and were nominated for the Best Indie/Alternative category in the 2017 Cincinnati Music Awards.

Brian’s passionate vocals blend with entrancing guitar melodies to really set Sylmar apart. With a sound that’s energetic and borderline psychadelic, it’s pretty much impossible to stand still during their concerts. This is a band you won’t regret seeing!