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We've been thinking about the INHAILER "sound" recently. Even though many artists hibernate for the winter in their dens in the forest, some of our favorite bands are putting out new albums, which means our sound is constantly changing. So once again, I've put together our top 20 favorite songs here at INHAILER Radio.

If you've been listening, you've heard these songs once or twice, perhaps even more. They're the favorites between all the DJs here; we are a radio democracy, after all (shout out to that Request A Song feature). I'll give you my thoughts on the highlights.

I fell down a rabbit hole of The Academic's music, even though they hadn't even been on my radar a couple of months ago. They recently released a new music video on Facebook Live. There's a delay in Live's video feed, which they took advantage of to create one of the most well-choreographed music videos I've seen since OK Go released their treadmill video.

Tic Tac Toe was one of Django Django's three early releases ahead of their new album, which you can expect to see out this Friday, January 26th. Single releases like this make me a little nervous: I might love all the singles, but have all the good tracks from the album been released already? But I've been a fan since their first album, and I don't expect Django Django to disappoint.

Superorganism was actually a Liz Felix recommendation; Something For Your M.I.N.D. has been popular with our DJs. You can expect more from this new band in the next few months.

Partner is playing on Thursday at MOTR with Dinge. The whole album is terrific; I've found four tracks on there to play regularly. Check them out when they come through if you've enjoyed hearing them here!

I just stopped by Shake it yesterday and picked up The Front Bottoms and BØRNS' new albums (I posted a great selfie with them, if you missed it). In the first half of BØRNS' Blue Maddona, you pretty much hear the indie-pop you'd expect. But in the second half, it's a smokey, almost lounge-y, soulful sound, an interesting change that really seems to work for them.

Bully just played in Louisville on Sunday with locals Tweens. They'll be swinging through Woodward in late April, so if you didn't make the road trip, you'll still get to see them soon.

But enough from me. Here's your INHAILER Radio Top 20:



Ohmme Way Out


This Pine Box

Waste Away

Waste Away


Be Bold Like Elijah


IRONTOM Bear Claws

Tales from the Backseat

The Academic

Maid of the Mist

Swear I'm Good At This

Diet Cig

Empires On Fire

Empires On Fire



What Do You Think About The Car? Declan McKenna



Physco Faded Heart

Blue Madonna


Night Shift


Lucy Dacus

Way It Goes


Hippo Campus Peace Sign

Going Grey

The Front Bottoms

Everybody Knows

In Search of Lost Time

Partner The Way


HAERTS Something For Your M.I.N.D.


Superorganism Kills To Be Resistant


Bully Born To Be Needed

We Can Die Happy


In Your Lifetime


Moonbeau Tic Tac Toe


Django Django

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