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The Kooks bring the Sunshine of their latest release to Bogart's

The Kooks will return to Cincinnati February 22nd for a Friday night show at Bogart’s. The Brit College Rock band is out on the road with English singer-songwriter Barns Courtney. These two radio friendly artist should bring a high energy show to Clifton this weekend.

The Kooks are turning on their latest album, 2018’s Let’s Go Sunshine, which is their fifth release since they broke through in the mid aughts. Known for their bright Brit-pop sound, the Kooks specialize in songs that are unabashedly catchy. The share more than a little in common with their contemporaries in the Arctic Monkeys, but show an appreciation for the kind of retro English pop-rock that litters Wes Anderson films.

Barns Courtney will join The Kooks as the show’s opener. Rarely off the radio since his debut smash hit “Fire,” Courtney is worth showing up early for. Also, look for an exclusive interview with Barns Courtney here on INHAILER in the coming days.

WHEN: Friday, February 22nd, Doors at 7:00 P.M

WHERE: Bogart’s

COST: $30




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