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THE A LIST (07.21.23)

Ready to rock?We're so stoked you're here.Welcome to this weeks A List, where we fill your ears with the top 10 most played tracks.

Make sure to Nils Illokken, our music director, every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Hello" - GROUPLOVE

Name a better way to start this weeks A List than with the iconic GROUPLOVE? I'll wait. The "Tongue Tied" band just dropped their latest album I Want It All Right Now, featuring this banger track. "Hello" is about feeling unseen, finding deeper connections, and figuring out who you are. GROUPLOVE keeps it consistent with their full-volume-sing-in-the-car songs that we love so much.

#9 "Heart Full Of Tenderness" - Skeleton

Australian artist, Skeleton, knows how to make funky dreamscape music. And we are here for it! "Heart Full Of Tenderness" will make you get lost in a memory. Skeleton writes,"There’s a whole lot of imperfection in this song, and I think that kinda reflects what I was thinking about. Love that takes in flaws and sadness and break-ups and stays hopeful."

Make sure to stream his record, Under Utopia, streaming July 28th!

#8 "St. Charles Square" - Blur

For the second week in a row we have the one and only Blur! Are we even surprised that their staying on our top 10? Their album The Ballad of Darren is out now, and it is just the alt-rock record we needed in July.

A YouTube fan writes in the comments, "even though I'm an atheist, I'll just say it. God bless Damon." I think that about sums it up!

#7 "Alive!" - Bakar

We at Inhailer are spinning this one on repeat. Bakar understands how to make a song upbeat, introspective and catchy all at once. Make sure to check out the music video for this single, it will put a smile on your face!

His next album, Halo is dropping on September 1st, and we are all ears. Bakar states he "felt like a hippie making it but it's more flowers n Ferrari's than it is daisy chains and Birkenstocks."

#6 "Green Chartruese" - Tweens

Need a local band to fuel your music obsession? Look no further, we have Tweens! It's no wonder they're on our A List for the second week, because this song is banging. Bridget Battle gives us some powerful vocals that will knock your socks off.

#5 "The Skin And The Glove" - Drab Majesty

Ohh I'm halfway there, ohhh living on - Drab Majesty? The Los Angeles based project consists of 'Deb DeMure' and 'Mona D.' The two are now dipping into the shoegaze and new wave genre, showcasing their wide range of musicality. This song in particular is giving us 90's vibes for sure!

Make sure to listen to their EP, An Object in Motion" out August 8th.

#4 "The Window" - Ratboys

Ratboys never really seem to miss do they? This song is back on our top 10, hitting us with an indie rock bop with deep and personal lyricism.

Julia Steiner writes, "i wrote it in the summer of 2020, a few days after my grandma passed away. she was living in a nursing home, but, due to the restrictions of the time, my grandpa couldn't visit her in person and instead had to say his goodbyes standing outside, talking through the open window of her room. the song tells that story through his eyes."

#3 "Fine Day Anthem" – Skrillex & Boys Noize

If this song won't get you running to the club, I'm not sure what will. Skrillex has already dropped two fresh albums in 2023, Don't Get Too Close and Quest For Fire, and we are loving them both! Skrillex and Boys Noise once created the band Dog Blood a few years back, so maybe this will be the return of their collaboration? Fingers crossed.

#2 "Rigor Mortis Radio" - The Hives

The Hives are back! This single, "Rigor Mortis Radio" is off their first album in over a decade, and we are obsessed. The music video features the Hives on their tour with the Artic Monkeys, jamming out with a roaring audience.

Make sure to listen to their album, The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, out August 11th.

#1 "Tele" - Deeper

Last but certainly, definitely, absolutely, not least is Deeper. Diverging from their normal guitar, indie rock sound, Deeper is taking a step into the electronic world. Synths of all kinds are taking the lead in "Tele."

I wanna be there with you

I don’t mind

I wanna set you in motion

I don’t mind

I’m in the fields of love-

Their album Careful comes out on September 8th and we are stoked to hear how it sounds.

Same time next week? Make sure to catch the A List live on at or on our app!

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