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THE A LIST (07.07.23)

Welcome! We're so happy you could join us for this weeks top 10 A List. This is gonna be a good one.

Join us and our Music Director, Nils Illokken, as we countdown your top 10 picks this week. Don't miss out, catch Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST as he delivers this lovely list (and so much more) straight to your ears!

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#10 "Treehouse" - Carly Cosgrove

Not sure if you know this about us, but here at Inhailer, we LOVE some covers. This cover of Treehouse is no different. Carly Cosgrove brings a refreshing twist to the original, by Alex G and Emily Yacina. Give it a listen to start your A list experience off right...

#9 "Catch My Wave" - Zoo

Zoo is taking us on a trip to the beach with this one and its the vacation we all needed. This breezy single has transported us back to the 70's with the chillest. beach vibes. ever. Pack your bags and let Zoo take you back mannnn.

#8 "Melody Experiment" - Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead blesses us with their presence once again! This time teaseing their first album in eight years. Sit Down For Dinner is out 9/29!

#7 "Revive Me" - Moonbeau

You know its going to be a good A List when you have some Cincinnati natives in the mix. This Cincy-based synth-pop band brings us one of their shortest yet sweetest songs and we are hyped about it.

“A lot of people today are incredibly uncomfortable with the unknown. We’ve forgotten that it is okay to not know how the story ends–to just live in moments of ambiguity and be okay with that. And that is what “Revive Me” really encompasses: ambivalence and acceptance.”

#6 "I've Been in Love" (Feat. Channel Tres) - Jungle

Jungle has done it again! They continue to give us the grooviest dance songs that just itch the right part of your brain. I mean, just check out those moves??? This is the second single they have released in anticipation of their new album. Get excited!

#5 "Beautiful Boy" - Powerplant

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful... Beautiful Punk bandsss. No, this is not a new take on Mr. Lennons famous tune, but it is a huge new track from a London-based quartet. This group is preparing for their new record release (July 14th) and they've just released this new single off of their EP. It's an explosive anthem that captures the raw energy and rebellious spirit of punk rock.

#4 "Getting it Done" - Ghost of Vroom

When you have a producer on the record who has mixed for the Beastie Boys, you know the track is going to hit. And this one does just that. Ghost of Vroom knocked our socks of with this one, delivering a blistering blend of infectious beats, edgy vocals, and a contagious energy that grabs you from the first note and doesn't let go. This track demands to be played at max volume.

#3 "Summer of Luv" (Feat. UMO) - Portugal. The Man

You already knoww Portugal. The Man just doesn't miss.

So high feelin' fine

Baby close your eyes

See the world’s alright

All I want to find

Is a little place for my girls

It’s the summer of love

You already know

It’s the summer of love

You already know

#2 "Slugs" - Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp casually dropping the song of the summer and blowing our minds. Our featured artist for this week is bringin us good vibes about falling in love in the summertime. How refreshing is that?

"I tend to get so overtaken in feelings of uncertainty or impermanence when it comes to relationships. Probably due to having rocky foundations or complications in them in the past. But suddenly, for the first time, I found myself in something that felt safe, with healthy attachment and mutual admiration, and the inevitability of uncertainty became more easily accepted. I think it’s so sweet that the song found this full circle moment in the timelessness of different types of firsts in love."


Their new album,Yard is out 9/29 via Anti.

#1 "Drunk and High" - Florry

Needing a folky, indie, fresh song to make your day? Look no further, our #1 has you covered. Not only do they have a new albumThe Holey Bible coming your way on August 4th, but they have also announced their going on tour.

Happy listening, welcome to #1, Florry!

Thats all for now, folks! Tune in with Nils to hear the A List live!

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