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THE A LIST (06.23.23)

Let us be your guide to this weeks top 10 A List! Join our music director, Nils Illokken, every Friday from 11a - 3p EST as we bring you through your top picks from the past week. Ready to rock, A Listers?

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#10 "Upset" - Bleary Eyed

Who doesn't love a good 90's inspired hit? This group of four creates a sound like no other combining hazy synths and murky guitar tracks that blend together so well. This track by Bleary Eyed is the perfect rainy-day jam when you need a little 90's back in your life, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that will transport you straight to the heart of the grunge era.

#9 "I'm a Dreamer" - The Parade

Keeping the 90's train going, The Parade takes us on a delightful journey back to the golden age of nineties indie-pop with their enchanting track "I'm a Dreamer." The Stockholm-based group effortlessly captures the essence of that era, infusing their music a nostalgic charm that will make you yearn for the days of mixtapes and carefree summers.

#8 "The Bust of Nefertiti" - Hand Habits

The work week is coming to an end, why not take a deep breath and groove out to the calming sound of Hand Habits? This talented group creates the perfect sonic escape, allowing you to unwind and find solace in their music. So grab your favorite beverage, sink into your favorite chair, and let Hand Habits provide the soundtrack to your well-deserved relaxation time.

#7 "It's Alive!" - Ratboys

It's the second week Ratboys has been on our minds, and we are not complaining. Absolutely obsessed with this indie-rock jam. We said it last week and we'll say it again, Julia Steiner's vocals are stun-ning, and we are hooked on these lyrics!

So close to a close call

Again, freakin' out

I pray to the sky above

Give in or give it up

It's alive

Oh, it's- oh, it's alive

#6 "Twin" - Devendra Banhart

“We set out to make a record sonically unlike anything I have made before – with a new creative partner at the helm. We definitely wanted a new sound, electronic yet organic and warm…we wanted to draw out and emphasize the emotional aspect of a synthesizer.”

And Banhard did just that. Welcome to #6!

#5 "zero expectations" - Shady Bug

Shady Bug is rocking our world with their second single off their upcoming EP What's the Use? Prepare to have your mind blown as Shady Bug unleashes their musical prowess and leaves you eagerly counting down the days until the full EP release.

#4 "Alone in the Mountains" - Goth Babe

They're movin' up! Goth babe is once again back on our list, and it's no surprise they're climbing the ranks. They continue to release feel-good bangers and leave lasting impressions. This one is sure to put your in the right mind for a good summer.

#3 "Winter Solstice" (Braxe + Falcon Remix) - Phoenix

Phoenix's "Winter Solstice" gets an electrifying transformation with the Braxe + Falcon Remix. The dynamic production of Braxe + Falcon creates a sonic experience that is both captivating and euphoric, making it a must-listen for fans of electronic and indie music alike.

#2 "Silver Girl" - Spoon

One word. Spoon. This band continues to captivate us with their music, effortlessly showcasing the power and depth of their artistry. It's melencoly, its dreamlike, its Spoon!

#1 "Dance Now" - Girl and Girl

You heard 'em! Girl and Girl has made it to the top and they want us to moveeee. So get your dancing shoes on, folks, and welcome to #1!

Until we meet again on next weeks, A List!

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