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THE A LIST (06.09.23)

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Welcome back! We've missed you, and we couldn't be more hyped for you to join us on the countdown for this week's A List.

Stay in the loop with the latest and greatest songs carefully curated by your fellow music aficionados and delivered to you directly by our very own music director, Nils Illokken. Join Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Show Me How" - Foo Fighters

Kicking off our comeback right with the one and only Foo Fighters. Coming off their latest album, this track showcases the band's relentless energy and undeniable talent. We are absolutely obsessed with the Foo Fighters' ability to captivate us with their raw sound.

#9 "Have Fun!" - CMAT

Obsessed doesn't even begin to cut it... enthralled, consumed, entranced is definitely more like it. We've had this one on repeat recently, and we strongly encourage you to do the same and...Have Fun!

#8 "Worship the Whip" - Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet is comin' in hot for #8. After a 15-year hiatus, this Nashville-based band has resurfaced with exciting news: they're dropping a highly anticipated comeback album this August. Brace yourselves folks, this one's


#7 "Is This Love?" (feat. Alex Kapranos) - Pip Blom

Pip Blom out of Denmark have us incredibly pumped for their upcoming record, releasing in October. While we anxiously await this new release, here's #7 featuring Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos!

#6 "The Narcissist" - Blur

Three words. Blur. Is. Back. This iconic band will make their return in July with The Ballad Of Darren, their first album since 2015. Until then, they bring us something new, yet nostalgic as a first look into their new album.

#5 "Carnavoyer" - Queens of the Stone Age

We dont have a ton of hard-rock songs land in our top five, but when we do, you know its a good one. Queens of the Stone Age grabbing the #5 spot with their mind-blowing track, "Carnavoyeur."

#4 "Justify Your Life" - George Clanton

Need a funky, synthy, dreamy hit to liven up your Friday? Justifyyy yourrr lifeee with this new George Clanton hit! His new album, Ooh Rap I Ya, Comes out July 28th. Dont miss it!

#3 "Daydream" – Being Dead

Absolutely loving the sound of this new single by Being Dead. "Daydream" is the indie song we didn't know we needed this week. The raw and authentic sound of Being Dead is exactly what our playlists have been craving, and how happy we are to see it at #3.

#2 "Prophecy of the Dragon" - The Voidz

"The track started with a very simple question… what would it feel like if God whispered into your ear “you are my most magnificent creature”. What would that feeling sound like?" -- The Voidz

Enough said. Welcome to #2!

#1 "Snowman" - Blonde Redhead

You may know Blonde Redhead from their very popular song "For the Damaged Coda", but have you checked in to see what they're up to recently? They've been patiently waiting to drop their new album, Sit Down for Dinner, the band's first album in nine years. "Snowman" is the lead single, and the full album will drop on September 29, 2023. Must they make us wait so long?!

Until then, heres #1.

See you next week, friends! Dont miss us on the A List!

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Curtis G

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