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THE A LIST (06.16.23)

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Let the music take you away with Inhailer's ultimate top 10 A List! Join Nils Illokken, our music director, every Friday from 11a - 3p EST as we present the top 10 tracks from this past week. Each beat is thoughtfully curated and ready to rock with you.

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#10 "Heart of Gold" (Feat. Bon Iver) (Neil Young Cover) - Illsey

What better way to kick off our A List than a Neil Young Cover? Illsey puts a modern sound to this classic song, with, of course, with the indie folk king himself, Bon Iver. Both of them have such an airy quality to their voices that pairs really well together. These lyrics never grow old.

You keep me searching

And I'm growing old

Keep me searching

For a heart of gold

I've been a miner

For a heart of gold

#9 "It's Alive" - Ratboys

The arrival of summer means that the indie rock anthem needs to be chosen. I'm thinking it's "It's Alive!" This song has Pinegrove vibes written all over it and Julia Steiner's vocals are stunning. It's alive!!

Make sure to check out their upcoming album, The Window streaming August 25th!

#8 "Show Me How" - Foo Fighters

Back again on the A List is this shoegaze single off the Foo Fighters' latest album, But Here We Are. The record is a reflection of grief, contemplation, and confusion after the loss of their drummer Taylor Hawkins. Pitchfork names it David Grohl's "outpouring of grief, shared at the same altar as their triumphs" and the "band's most powerful music of the last two decades."

#7 "Mantra of the Cosmos" - Gorilla Guerilla

Coming here at #7 we have Gorilla Guerilla with their first single, "Mantra of the Cosmos." This psychedelic rock anthem is a groovy hit! The band is composed of iconic British musicians from bands like the Who, Oasis, and The Happy Mondays. We are stoked to hear what they come up with next!

#6 "Midnight Sun" - RVG

Australian band RVG rocks our world with this single, a tribute to their frustration and anger with where the world is heading. Romy Vager has such an rich alto voice and sings with such honesty. She said this song was written during the time of the 2019 Austrialian wildfires, "when it felt like everything precious about [Australia] was being destroyed by climate change."

Make sure to stream their latest album, Brain Worms.

#5 "Alone In The Mountains" - Goth Babe

Sitting pretty here at #5 is Goth Babe! Griff Washburn bring us another electronic banger about his time in solitude with his dog, Sadie. Washburn says this song was written when "all was new, beautiful, and all was starting to happen."

#4 "Is This Love" (Feat. Alex Kapranos) - Pip Blom

All the way from Amsterdam we have Pip Blom! This funk-rock song is a collaboration with Alex Kapranos and shows the power genre blending. We are absolutely obsessed with Pip Blom, and cannot wait for their third album, Bobbie, out October 20th.

#3 "Winter Solstice" (Braxe + Falcon Remix) - Phoenix

Putting a new twist on this bop by French band Phoenix, Braxe + Falcon know how to transform a song with a beat and synthesizer. Phoenix states, "we love the fact that their music is both deep and conceptual, and always so sincere". Currently, Phoenix is on tour with Beck!

#2 "Road to Joy" - Peter Gabriel

#2 already? That was fast. Peter Gabriel released a new sing, "Road to Joy," which is "about coming back into your senses, back to life, back into the world." This song is funky and groovy, and the artwork?! Chefs kiss. Peter is releasing his fourth album, I/O, and we are so excited to learn when it comes out!

#1 "Lotta Love" (Neil Young Cover) - Juliana Hatfield

And of course, we are starting this A List just as we are ending it - a Neil Young cover!! The raspy Boston musician puts a great rock twist on this oldie. Hatfield is releasing an ELO tribute album that will be out on November 17th, 2023!

Catch you out there on the fresh airwaves, until the next A List!!

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