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THE A LIST (01.13.23)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Join In for a listen on this week's "The A List"

Inhailer Radio's top 10 most played songs catered to you personally by our Music Director, Nils Illokken.

Find your new favorite band when you tune in with Nils between 11a - 3p EST every Thursday and Friday!


Lets dive In to this weeks #1

Their first new song in 5 years, recently featured on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert in November of 2022, LCD Soundsystem - new body rhumba


Returning to The A List for the second week in a row, Barleaux - LM


Just released in 2022 with over 100,000 listens, Hiding Places - Actin' Ugly "What's the point of running away"


It is said that they originally went by Dirty Ma's before later taking on the abbreviation, DMA's - Olympia


Take a chill with this upbeat Indie/Alt bop coming out of London U.K. Connie Constance - Til The Worlds Awake


Last week's #1 returns this week, Mandaworld - Love Is All I Needed


Check out their recently premiered music video, Softcult - Someone2Me


The octave's of this one are undeniably fun. Turn it up in the shower or on an extended holiday, Caroline Polachek - Welcome To My Island


This lead single was released as a sneak peek proceeding to be today's launch of the Album "Turn The Car Around", Gaz Coombes - Love Live The Strange


With over 1 million listens, warm the bath and soak into the finale,

Tennis - One Night With The Valet


Wasn't that a breath of fresh airwaves?

Not to worry, there is more where that came from with Inhailer Radio! Be sure to listen in and maybe your favorite song will end up on next week's top 10 most played songs, "The A List".

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