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Potty Mouth offers perfect end to Pride Weekend at MOTR

Potty Mouth is coming to town supported by Colleen Green on June 23, 2019. Sure to be a raucous Sunday night show at MOTR Pub, it will be a fantastic way to round out Pride Weekend here in Cincinnati.

Potty Mouth came on the pop-punk scene in their college years in the 2010s while attending Smith College. They quickly made a name for themselves as power-punk rockers, releasing a debut LP, Hell Bent, in 2013 and following with a self-titled EP in 2015. The band relocated to Los Angeles where they recently completed and released their sophomore LP, SNAFU. This second LP was one fans waited patiently for over 6 years and were delighted to hear along with high praise from critics across the board. It’s a bit more polished than their debut album, but punches in all the right spots.

Supporting the band is LA based songwriter Colleen Green, whose 2015 release I Want To Grow Up received many positive reviews for its acerbic wit and fun hooks in a fuzz-pop delivery. Green’s most recent release is a similar trajectory as the recent Potty Mouth album, containing a bit more polished effort but not forgetting or dismissing the earlier DIY accessibility of her Green One EP or Sock It To Me LP.


WHEN: Sunday June 23 @ 8 PM


AGES: 21+




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