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Bendigo Fletcher + Wayne Graham Light Up The Stage at Southgate House

The same night the Northern Lights made a grand appearance in the sky in Ohio, Wayne Graham and Bendigo Fletcher made theirs on the stage at Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky.


Wayne Graham started the night off strong, with their bluesy folk sound. Catch them on tour opening up for Tyler Childers starting in July.


Wayne Graham front-man joins Bendigo Fletcher on stage for a song off thier new album, Liquor Store.


Bendigo Fletcher brought all the vibes to Southgate Revival House playing some of their beloved hits, along with songs from their newest album, Two Things At Once. The KY-based band always brings a lovely crowd to their shows, especially at a close to home venue. The band's high energy can be felt from anywhere in the building. Their chemistry on stage shows how well they work together to create amazing music and give their fans a fun and memorable experience. Next time Bendigo Fletcher is in town, you don't want to miss it!

Stream Bendigo Fletcher's music here.

The band is not currently on tour but check out their site and stay posted!

Check out Wayne Graham's music as well!

Find out where to catch a show here:

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