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Dawes: Folk Rock for the 21st Century at The Taft Theater

The Taft Theater has been killing it on booking some great shows lately. In just the next couple of months, they have great musicians like Albert Hammond Jr. playing as well as bands like Deafheaven, Diiv, Houndmouth, and Kurt Vile, just to name a few. On the night of November 10th, the Taft Theater has another great band playing: Dawes.

Dawes was formed in 2009 in Los Angeles by former member Simon Dawes and currently consists of Taylor Goldsmith (guitar/vocals), Griffin Goldsmith (drums), Wylie Gelber (bass), and Lee Pardini (keyboard). The band recorded their first album, North Hills, at Laurel Canyon in a live setting to analog tape recording session which immediately gave them national attention by the likes of Rolling Stone, hailing their sound as “authentically vintage.” Since then, the band has recorded six other studio albums with their latest Passwords coming out this year.

With a band like Dawes, it’ is all about the music and the musicianship that goes along with it. With their folk-rock sound, the band will be more intimate with their audience at times and play in a way that is less ‘big stage show’ and more Washington Park bandstand-like. Their sound is a blend of the vintage folk-rock of the days of Jackson Browne and Tom Petty, as well as some modern folk-rock like Blind Pilot and Fruit Bats, with a dash of electronic rock. It is definitely a unique sound that's very distinctive to the band and one that's definitely worth seeing live.

The night of November 10th is sure to be a great night for music at the Taft Theater. It is a chance to see a band that has not only been a staple of the folk-rock revival scene of the past couple of years but has also received many accolades and honestly, just makes some really good music.

When: November 5th 2018 at 8:00PM (doors open at 7:00PM)

Where: The Taft Theater

How Much: Tier 1: $44.50, Tier 2: $34.50



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