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Rainbow Kitten Surprise: A Breakout Band at Bogart's

There’s overnight success and then there’s Rainbow Kitten Surprise. With just three albums to their name and now in the midst of their first headlining tour, RKS is selling out venues across the country. When they come to town this Friday, October 12th, Bogart’s will join the over 45 venues that Rainbow Kitten Surprise has filled to capacity on this tour.

Formed by five friends and dorm room neighbors at Appalachian State University in 2013, Rainbow KiItten Surprise has been quick to attract a large and loyal following. Helped by their eye-catching name (the product a friend of the band’s morphine drip) and their ear-catching sound, RKS is making the kind of waves that haven’t been made in college rock in quite a while.

Indeed, Rainbow Kitten Surprise sounds like the college rock of the future. Picking up the torch from mainstream experimental bands like Alt-J and Modest Mouse, RKS is eclectic to a fault. As a band, they are just as comfortable staying chill and laid back as they going for more driving crowd-pleasers. It’s all held together by frontman Sam Melo’s distinct and versatile voice which can effortlessly switch from crooning to rapping as he does on the band’s biggest hit to date, “Fever Pitch”

Rainbow Kitten Surprise promises to bring their unique style and renowned live show to Bogart’s this Friday. They are a band that you don’t want to miss--playing exciting music at an exciting point in their careers. Resale tickets are still available if you are out in the cold, and if you are one of the lucky many currently holding tickets, well, consider this a reminder. Bands don’t often break out as fast or large as Rainbow Kitten Surprise, don’t miss out. When: Friday, October 12 Where: Bogart's How Much: Sold out



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