In the Pines: Get In the Mood for Great Music at MOTR

It’s officially fall and with all the summertime music festivals wrapping up for the year that means that many of the music venues in town are getting more shows for the coming months. One of those venues is MOTR and on the night of October 13th, there will be a solid lineup of some great garage rock acts that you don't want to miss seeing--In The Pines and Town Criers.

Opening up the show is Town Criers. Traveling to Cincinnati all the way from Chicago, Town Criers are a four-piece band made up of Andre (vocalist), Kevin (drummer), and Scott (guitarist). The band's formation has interesting beginnings with Andre and Kevin forming the band when they both met while attending a Post Animal concert. Shortly after they began jamming in their friend's garage where guitarist Scott, who dug their sound, showed up and started playing with them. Currently, the band is extremely young with only a six-song EP that came out this year. They sound a lot like those 60’s garage rock revival bands like Pop Empire, The Harlequins, and The Nude Party. They are definitely a band that will get you moving and your feet tapping.

Headlining the show is