Your Smith: 90s Revival R&B at MOTR October 6th

Photo by: Gemma Warren

A night of pop and R&B is exactly what MOTR Pub is offering on October 6th. Your Smith, BAUM, and Super City will take the stage this Thursday at 10 p.m.

Your Smith is the new moniker of Caroline Smith. She released her first EP, Bad Habit, just last month. It consists of four 90’s R&B influenced pop tracks. There is something fresh about the retro style of her music. Her carefree vocals blend smoothly with the warm music behind them. This style was ultimately inspired by the Minneapolis native moving to Los Angeles in 2016, where she explored LA’s culture. Regarding her name change, Smith says, “The change in name is less of a reinvention and more of an engagement with that part of me (the new sound). I’m still me. I’m still your Smith.”

BAUM is a dark pop singer from Los Angeles. She released an EP this year called Ungodly. Its five tracks are filled out with her powerful, soulf