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Go Bird Watching with Active Bird Community at MOTR

Photo by: Nick D’Agostino

Think back, not too long ago, back to the height of “sad-boy” punk. Don’t you remember? Right at the turn of the century when indie rock was moving from the incorrigible and rebellious attitudes of bands like Nirvana and Jane’s Addiction toward more self-reflexive and emotional kind of rock.

I think they called it emo.

For a brief moment though, before bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and AFI consumed the radio waves, some really great indie rock was produced. My Morning Jacket, Brand New and Third Eye Blind were all a part of the rock sound that shaped the music of the new millennium.

Active Bird Community (ABC) from Brooklyn are revitalizing the sound that brought us bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Blink 182. Just like the rock at the turn of Y2K, ABC is not quite grunge, not quite emo, just good shit.

Their latest release, Amends (2018), is an ode to teen angst; coming to terms with how things are and why things happened how they did. “Amends is a record about forgiveness, forgiving your parents for splitting up, forgiving your friends for not always understanding you, learning to forgive yourself.”

The album doesn’t conform to any singular cliche. Each song has something interesting to offer and the influences for each are undeniable. Tell me you don’t hear The Smashing Pumpkins in “Virginia!”

Active Bird Community will be in Cincinnati on October 1st at MOTR Pub. Music starts at 9pm and admission is, you guessed it, free! Everyone has a little angst they need to get rid of, come spill your heart out with some almost-emo indie rock this Monday with us!


When: Monday October 1st, 9:00 p.m

Where: MOTR

How Much: Free



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