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Why?: 10 years of Alopecia at Woodward Theater

Photo: Jacob Hand

WHY? boasts not only a unique sound, but alluring narratives that are dreamy and at times dystopian, a derailed and near absurd listener experience. The lyric driven alternative hip-hop group is out yet again with a noble purpose. WHY? is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album, Alopecia. The anniversary festivities include a world tour and a re-release of Alopecia on vinyl. The record is available for pre-order now on the band’s website.

The clever rhymes that compose Alopecia have served an epic in the lives of many. This anniversary tour is an opportunity to experience first hand the rarity that is WHY? The stories and morals shared in Alopecia are intelligent yet colloquial, intimate yet casual. It’s indie rap with Berkley California flavor. Alopecia showcases a stream of consciousness that all to often is ignored, featuring topics ranging from the uncomfortable, childhood, to the inevitable, death, with stops in the awkward and uncomfortable socializing in-between. It’s a genius record that defies genre and expectation, absolutely worthy of celebration.

Founded by Cincinnati Native, Yoni Wolf, the four-piece indie group will kick off their major world tour at the Woodward Theater Friday in Over the Rhine August 31. WHY?’s performance at the Woodward features performances by Lala Lala and Ben Sloan. Tickets for the tour’s kick off are available online for $16, and $20 day of show.


When: Friday August 31, 9 PM

Where: Woodward Theater

How Much: $16 online, $20 at the door



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