Kalbells and Georgia & Maria: Art Pop at MOTR

Photo credit: Artist Facebook

Two fantastic female-fronted groups are performing at MOTR Pub next week. Kalbells and Georgia & Maria will take the stage this Wednesday.

Kalbells is Rubblebucket frontwoman Kalmia Traver’s solo project. Traver grew up in Vermont, but now resides in Brooklyn, New York. She used her nearly decade-long experience in the art-pop band – writing, singing, and playing saxophone – to craft her largely electronic solo debut. Ten Flowers (July 14, 2017) is exactly as its name suggests; ten tracks of lush warmth, soothing synthesizers, and colorful melodies. The joy and resilience found in this record stems partially from Traver’s victory over cancer. She says what she is most proud of about the record was learning to trust in her own creative choices. Traver says she has more music written and plans to release it, but hasn’t revealed when that will be.

Kalbells’ sound is inspired by numerous records the label NNA Tapes has released, but Traver says Matt Carlson is a favorite of hers. The sound is also heavily influenced by notable artists like Animal Collective, Department of Eagles, and Björk.