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Jukebox the Ghost: Upbeat Piano Rock at the Taft Theatre

Stressed about school starting back up? Or how the world may or may not end very soon? Wanna forget about that for a bit and just dance? Well, we have the perfect show for you. On Friday, September 7, one of the happiest bands out there will visit Cincinnati to spread some much-needed joy. Jukebox the Ghost will be at the Taft Theatre to share some uplifting piano-based power pop to dance to and forget about whatever maybe be making you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

Jukebox the Ghost formed in 2003 in the D.C. area. The line up has stayed the same throughout their 15-year career, with Ben Thornewill on piano, Tommy Siegel on guitar, and Jesse Kristin on drums. Thornewill is usually the lead singer but all members of the band sing from time to time. Jukebox the Ghost is touring with their fifth studio album, Off to the Races. Like much of their previous work, Off to the Races is full of colorful harmonies that carry melodies reminiscent of ELO and Queen. Their other four albums, Let Live and Let Ghost (2008), Everything Under the Sun (2010), Safe Travels (2012), and Jukebox the Ghost (2014), have similar upbeat sounds with lyrics that are often very personal to the group. Jukebox has toured with many staple artists, including Jack’s Mannequin, Motion City Soundtrack, Ingrid Michaelson, and Barenaked Ladies. They also have songs featured on two Netflix series.

It’s hard to not enjoy a Jukebox the Ghost concert. Ben, Tommy, and Jesse are some of the nicest musicians around. Between songs, they tell amusing stories and talk to the audience as if it was a crowd of friends they haven’t seen in a few years and want to just catch up. They are so excited to be where they are and to share their songs with everyone there, and that happiness is infectious. Even if you are not familiar with their music, you will be dancing and smiling by the third song.

Opening for Jukebox the Ghost is the indie quartet The Greeting Committee. Based in Kansas City, MO, The Greeting Committee is a guitar-based indie band that has an upbeat and optimistic sound with striped down instrumentals and first-person-narrative lyrics that pull the listener into the story. The Greeting Committee is Addie Sartino on vocals, Brandon Yangmi on guitar, Austin Fraser on drums, and Pierce Turcotte on bass.

If you are looking for some sort of temporary escape from the hellscape that is our current world, come on down to the Taft Theatre and dance with some new friends!

When: Friday, September 7th, 8pm, doors: 7pm

Where: Taft Theatre How much: $20 advn, $22 door



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