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What's New On INHAILER Radio: August 15th

Each and every week here at INHAILER, not only are we always on the lookout for amazing new music to play for our listeners, we’re sent music from record promoters and label reps in hopes of getting their artists on the NACC (North American College & Community Radio) charts. Think the Billboard charts but with more of a focus on not only up and coming indie artists but those big name mainstays that are now headlining music festivals around the world. Listening to all of this music is a large undertaking and there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut. Here are the best of our new adds:

Photo credit: Cybele Malinowski

1. Moses Sumney - Black In Deep Red, 2014 (Jagjaguwar)

Moses is an artist who's voice is the main instrument of his work. His soaring falsetto takes the listener to new heights as well as introspective lows. This is especially true on his new three song EP, with only one track being a typical “song.” "Power?" Is a call and response call to action and "Call-To-Arms" sees Moses scatting and vocalizing over instrumentation that gets more intense as the song goes on. "Rank & File" takes a heavier approach to ethereal music, taking cues from In Rainbows era Radiohead.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Rank & File"

Recommended If You Like: Sudan Archives, serpentwithfeet, Aldous Harding

2. Blood Orange - "Charcoal Baby" (Negro Swan out 8/24 on Domino)

Dev Hynes just came into his own fairly recently, starting out as the lead singer of UK dance-punk group Test Icicles, then his own softer project of Lightspeed Champion, and now his R&B superstar project Blood Orange. Dev gains more confidence and skill with each release and Negro Swan isn't an exception. He is an artist, composer, writer, dancer, and producer, and is one of the most important songwriters and artists working right now.

Recommended If You Like: Toro Y Moi, Twin Shadow, Kindness

3. The Growlers - Casual Acquaintances (Beach Goth Records and Tapes)

California’s The Growlers are back with a surprise record of B-sides and demos from the Julian Casablancas produced album City Club. That album saw them in a polished and poppy light while Casual Acquaintances brings things back to their lo-fi roots.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Problems III, Drop Your Phone In The Sink

Recommended If You Like: Shannon and The Clams, Allah-Las, King Tuff

4. Foxing - Nearer My God (Triple Crown)

On their third album, Foxing sound bigger and bolder than ever. This album was inspired by the sinking of the Titanic, and the house band that played "Nearer My God To Thee" as the ship sank. What Foxing have done is create an eerie, apocalyptic, chaotic album full of blazing intensity, sharp falsettos and vivid imagery.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Nearer My God, Slapstick, Gameshark

Recommended If You Like: Brand New, Pinegrove, Circa Survive

5. Your Smith - "The Spot/Bad Habit" (Neon Gold)

Formerly known as Caroline Smith, and the former lead singer and bandleader of Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps, she is now re-branding herself as Your Smith. Smith has a voice that shows influences from Billie Holliday to Erykah Badu, from 90’s neo soul to classic folk. Her upcoming works under Your Smith will be in the form of an EP out later this year.

Recommended If You Like: Caroline Smith, Overcoats, Sylvan Esso

6. Why? - Alopecia 10th Anniversary (Joyful Noise)

When you think indie hip-hop, there should be one big name that comes to mind. That group is Cincinnati’s Why?. Yoni Wolf fronts this group that was launched to indie stardom with their 2008 album Alopecia. With a rap/sing style that is indisputably Yoni’s and a mix of indie rock and hip-hop beats, with both heartfelt and brooding lyrics, this is an album for die-hard Why? fans and newcomers alike. Catch them at The Woodward Theater Friday August 31st playing Alopecia in full.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: The Vowels Pt. 2, These Few Presidents, Fatalist Palmistry

Recommended If You Like: Hymie’s Basement, Yoni & Geti, The Unicorns

7. The Lemon Twigs - "Small Victories" (Go To School out 8/24 on 4AD)

Go To School is a concept album that is the “heartbreaking coming of age story of Shane, a pure of heart chimpanzee raised as a human boy as he comes to terms with the obstacles of life.” If that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. The Lemon Twigs are young brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario who take influence from classic rock, folk and americana more than anything else. They have a very similar vibe to Foxygen, which comes to no surprise as their last album Do Hollywood was produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen.

Recommended If You Like: Foxygen, Whitney, Sunflower Bean



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