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Pedro the Lion's Revival at Southgate House

Pedro The Lion

The newly reformed Pedro the Lion will come to Southgate House on August 18th. An indie rock band that explores the gray areas in the moral and historical traditions of Christianity among other tough and ugly topics, Pedro the Lion is on their first tour in 11 years.

Pedro the Lion was formed in 1995 by David Bazan in Seattle, Washington. Bazan is the only permanent member, backed by a shifting cast of musicians. In 1998 they released their first full length album, It’s Hard to Find a Friend. In 2000, Pedro the Lion released Winners Never Quit, a concept album that covered topics like corporate greed, the pursuit of power, and the strain of capitalism on the average person.

Their next album, Control, was released in 2002. Another concept album, this time about a businessman that has an affair and then dies at the hand of his wife. Songs on this album cover vengeance, commercialism, and the fear of death. The final album by the band in its first run, Achilles Heel, was released in 2004. Over its first 11 years, Pedro the Lion’s songs were often narrative stories filled with religious angst stemming from a disconnect that Bazan felt regarding his own struggles with faith.

Pedro the Lion disbanded in 2006. At this time Bazan took to a solo career where he went on to write five more albums and three EPs. His first album, Curse Your Branches, was released 2009 and was referred to as the musician’s break up letter with God, as Bazan had become an agnostic. Over the next eight years Bazan released four more albums: Strange Negotiations (2011), Blanco (2016), Dark Sacred Night (2016), and Care (2017). Through these albums Bazan’s bleak and vulnerable lyrics covered topics ranging from infidelity, to addiction and ignorance.

Bazan grew tired of constantly touring alone, playing playing shows in people’s living rooms all over the country almost non-stop. Craving the joy of playing music with others, Bazan began working on what he thought would be a group called “David Bazan Band”. He then realized that he was copying his musical process from his Pedro the Lion days. To this, Bazan felt like he was returning home. Excited to be working as Pedro the Lion again, he is working with percussionist Sean Lane on a new album.

Bazan’s shows are intimate storytelling sessions. After nearly 10 years of playing solo concerts in cramped living rooms around the US, Bazan is able to connect with the audience and lead them on a musical journey that reflects his life and experiences. Opening for Pedro the Lion will be H.C. McEntire. The front-woman of the folk/country band, Mountain Moriah, she plays modern blues that sounds similar to James Bay and Jake Bugg. McEntire is touring on her debut solo album, Lionheart.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased off Southgate House Revival’s website. Door open at 8pm and H.C. McEntire goes on at 9pm.


When: Sat August 18: 9pm (doors: 8pm)

Where: Southgate House Revival

How much: $20 all ages



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