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Sober Song Series: Monthly Sober Sets at Chase Public

As much as many of us love to go to a show and have a drink or two, drinking culture and the music scene can become intertwined in a way that can feel codependent and even dangerous at times. As a way to strengthen the idea that the Cincinnati music scene can be independent from alcohol consumption, Marisa Seremet of Lipstick Fiction has started the Sober Song Series at Chase Public. The event is held on the second Sunday of every month and is totally free, but donations are strongly encouraged.

This past Sunday marks the fourth installment of the series with performances by local acts like Fruit LoOops and Blossom Hall as well as Villa Murre out of Louisville.

The first band was local act Fruit Loops, a three-piece of experimental noise on loops and drum beats with Kelly Mascara wailing Peaches-like vocals over top.

Fruit LoOops was followed by Louisville trio Villa Murre, who delivered soulful vocals paired with lilting guitar riffs over a steady bluesy bass.

Closing out the evening was an INHAILER favorite, Blossom Hall. The group, who we interviewed earlier this summer, gave us their signature 90s-inspired garage rock with soaring harmonies.

The next Sober Song Series is scheduled for Sunday, September 9. Be sure not to miss out on the next chance for sober, family-friendly local music.



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