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What's New on INHAILER Radio: July 27th

Each and every week here at INHAILER, not only are we always on the lookout for amazing new music to play for our listeners, we’re sent music from record promoters and label reps in hopes of getting their artists on the NACC (North American College & Community Radio) charts. Think the Billboard charts but with more of a focus on not only up and coming indie artists but those big name mainstays that are now headlining music festivals around the world. Listening to all of this music is a large undertaking and there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut. Here are the best of our new adds:

1. Grapetooth - "Violent/Trouble "(Self-Released)

“Grapetooth was born out of a mutual love for 80’s Japanese New Wave, the weirdo sentimental pop of Arthur Russell, and a good bottle of cheap wine.” This new project consists of Clay Frankel, the lead singer of Chicago rowdy rockers Twin Peaks, and friend and musician Chris Bailoni. After self-releasing two singles, the group is now signed to Polyvinyl Records and we will hopefully be hearing more very soon.

Recommended If You Like: Twin Peaks, Knox Fortune, Arthur Russell

2. Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose (Domino)

Lamp Lit Prose arrives just a year after 2017’s electronic brooding self-titled, which was in direct response to the breakup of singer David Longstreth with former bandmate and girlfriend Amber Coffman. This new album shows Longstreth getting back to his roots of more guitar focused sounds with his unique style of playing, and boasts some star-studded features including Rostam, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, Amber Mark, and Empress Of.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: I Feel Energy, Break-Thru

Recommended If You Like: Destroyer, Deerhunter, Tune-Yards

3. Sure Sure - Sure Sure (Sure Sure)

Los Angeles based Sure Sure are coming out swinging with a debut that shows these boys aren’t messing around. Recorded entirely in their “home studio” which is essentially their bedroom turned studio, their self-titled debut is full of catchy pop tunes which are upbeat yet full of melancholy and honest lyrics. They decided to include their cover of Talking Heads’ "This Must Be The Place" on their record which at first I thought was an odd choice, but it’s such a good cover that it deserves to be there.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Friends, This Must Be The Place, Hands Up Head Down

Recommended If You Like: Generationals, Knox Fortune, Spoon

4. Wild Moccasins - Look Together (New West)

Typically when a band has members dating and there is a break-up, that usually means either the band breaks up or an essential member decides to leave the band. This isn’t the case with Wild Moccasins. Lead singer Zahria Gutierrez and guitarist Cody Swann are both the preliminary songwriters and their third album explores their relationship and break-up. However, you may not even notice that the album is exploring such heavy themes when paired with the upbeat synths and the powerful vocals of Zahria.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Boyish Wave, Longtime Listener

Recommended If You Like: M83, Tops, Nite Jewel

5. Saintseneca - "Frostbiter" (Pillar Of Na out August 31st on ANTI-)

Columbus based folk-rockers Saintseneca are exploring new territory on their upcoming album Pillar Of Na. Their lead single "Frostbiter" takes them to new heights with soaring synths and a sweet swoony chorus featuring new vocalist Caeleigh Fetherstone. I personally can’t wait to catch them at Urban Artifact’s Bewilderfest after the release of this single.

Recommended If You Like: Typhoon, Waxahatchee, Lucy Dacus

6. Foxing - "Nearer My God" (Nearer My God out August 10th on Triple Crown)

A group somewhere between emo, indie and post-rock, Foxing are expanding their sound with their new single "Nearer My God." With thundering bass, synths, and guitar, and showcasing emotional vocals, this is the kind of song you want to blast and feel every bit of. Not only was this song released in English, it has four other versions, in Spanish, French, German and Japanese. What started out as a “wouldn’t that be cool” idea turned into a grand undertaking with lead singer Conor Murphy working with 70-ish translators and friends over months. Foxing now have a gesture which they hope will help beckon the world nearer.

Recommended If You Like: Pinegrove, Joyce Manor, American Football

7. Mobley - Fresh Lies, Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

A one man show who is borderline obsessive in his creations, Mobley is a music industry genius who has been working in the shadows and is now ready to get his time of the spotlight. Over the past couple years he has composed works for the stage and television, with placements on HBO, Fox and NBC, written and produced for dozens of artists, and opened for JUNGLE, Phantogram, Wavves and more. His new collection of songs titled Fresh Lies, Vol. 1 is what he considers “post-genre pop.”

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Torch, Hound The World, Solo

Recommended If You Like: RAC, Geographer, Yoke Lore



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