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Radiohead: Quintessential Indie Rock at US Bank Arena

The 90’s were a very interesting time for music. It was the birth of grunge and when alternative rock started gaining mainstream appeal due to its rejection of the synth-rock and hair metal of the decade prior. Many great bands came out during the 90’s and none, in my opinion, was more groundbreaking than Radiohead. On the night of July 25, you can see Radiohead live at US Bank Arena.

Radiohead was formed in 1985 in England by members Thom Yorke(guitar, piano, keyboard, and vocals), Jonny Greenwood(guitar and keyboard), Colin Greenwood(bass), Ed O’Brien (guitar and vocals), and Philip Selway (drums). Originally named “On a Friday,” which was the day the band practiced, they changed their name to Radiohead after signing to EMI in 1991. In 1992, the band released their first single with their new label titled “Creep,” which became an instant hit after they released their debut album Pablo Honey in 1993. Two years later, the band released their second album titled The Bends, propelling them into stardom in the UK, but it wouldn't be until 1997 with the release of the band’s third album titled OK Computer that would give the band international acclaim. With its complex production and social commentary of modern alienation with the growing prominence of computers during the time, OK Computer is recognized as one of the best albums of the 90’s.

Throughout the 2000’s the band would continue evolving by experimenting with different sounds and creating a handful of truly unique albums. In 2000, the band released Kid A while simultaneously recording 2001’s Amnesiac. Both albums were a turn away from the bands more alternative sound to a more experimental rock sound combining elements of electronic, classic rock, krautrock, and jazz. In 2003, the band released Hail To The Thief which took the band in yet another direction, mixing rock and electronic to create an album that not only was ahead of its time but also was a protest album with its lyrics that were inspired by The War on Terror. The bands latest release is 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool on which where the band went for a more orchestral sound. With many groundbreaking albums, the band has earned many accolades including being named by many critics and listeners alike as making some of the most influential music of the 90’s and the 2000’s. Radiohead has also been named by Rolling Stone as one the greatest bands of all time and in 2017 they were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility.

When seeing them live expect to see a very well crafted show. With an elaborate light show playing behind them throughout

that is perfectly timed to their music, you can expect to see a show that is equal parts audio and visual to really give the audience an immersive listening experience. For the unfamiliar, they are a lot like bands like The National, Interpol, and Deerhunter.

With such a great sound that has been influential for over 20 years, the night of July 25 at US Bank Arena is a night you definitely don't want to miss being there. Radiohead has created With so much material and performs a great live show to back it up, you don’t want to miss a chance to see Radiohead play live.

When: July 25 at 7:30

Where: US Bank Arena

How Much: $85



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