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What's New On INHAILER Radio: June 27th

Each and every week here at INHAILER, not only are we always on the lookout for amazing new music to play for our listeners, we’re sent music from record promoters and label reps in hopes of getting their artists on the NACC (North American College & Community Radio) charts. Think the Billboard charts but with more of a focus on not only up and coming indie artists but those big name mainstays that are now headlining music festivals around the world. Listening to all of this music is a large undertaking and there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut. Here are the best of our new adds:

1. HMLTD - "To The Door" (Single)

One of the UK’s hottest upcoming bands, HMLTD takes art rock to the next level. Their live shows are more than just music. “The fundamental idea behind the live show is that it exploits every sense rather than just the ears,” said singer Henry Spychalski in an interview with NME. They have transformed a UK venue into Mount Olympus complete with cotton-wool clouds and flying cherub dolls, another into an underwater wonderland using balloons, fishnet and clingfilm, and at one show, filled all the ashtrays in the venue with burning hair. Their look is glam rock straight from Hell and their sound is a mix of art rock, punk, glam. Their style is truly unique. They’re a group who are embracing the gender revolution fully and in rebelling against categorization they have created something beautiful.

Recommended If You Like: Shame, Ought, IDLES

2. Wild Nothing - "Letting Go" (Single, Captured Tracks)

The dream pop project Wild Nothing just announced its 5th album, Indigo, out August 31st on Captured Tracks. Wild Nothing doesn’t disappoint on this new single, with its timeless rich and smooth dream pop. His music is lush and warm, pure 80’s inspired pop which needs no frills. It's just perfect songcraft.

Recommended If You Like: Craft Spells, Lower Dens, Washed Out

3. MorMor - Heaven’s Only Wishful - EP (Don’t Guess)

MorMor is the debut EP and project of rising singer / producer / multi-instrumentalist Seth Nyquist who genre blends R&B, indie-rock and pop with his soaring vocals. His name comes from one of the Norwegian words for Grandmother, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t grandma music, this is the music of now. At times chill, at times anthemic, at times powerful, MorMor is going to be a name you’ll recognize years down the road, if not sooner.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Waiting On The Warmth, Heaven’s Only Wishful

Recommended If You Like: Half Waif, Blood Orange, Amen Dunes

4. Chromeo - Head Over Heels (Big Beat/Atlantic)

Funk-revivalist superstars Chromeo are back with their star-studded 5th album. Chromeo make cheesy lighthearted dance music, in the best possible way. They don’t take themselves too seriously. I mean c’mon, their keyboards on stage are "Sexy" women's legs. There aren’t many who write catchier dance hooks and encapsulate summer vibes better than Chromeo. Catch them at the Madison Theater 9/12.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Must’ve Been (Feat. DRAM)

Recommended If You Like: Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, Hot Chip

5. Let’s Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears (Transgressive, PIAS)

Best friends since the age of 4, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth are an experimental-pop, psychedelic electronic duo from Norwich. They’ve been making music together since the age of 13, first writing songs together as a playtime activity, then eventually blossoming into Let’s Eat Grandma. Their name comes from a grammatical joke on the correct placement of commas. They toe the line between pure pop and dark dance floor jams, with production from The Horrors’ Faris Badawn and electro-pop queen SOPHIE.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: Falling Into Me, Hot Pink

Recommended If You Like: Hatchie, serpentwithfeet, U.S. Girls



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